Monday, August 06, 2007

Vote for Zach

Voting for next year's ENnie judges has opened. Click here to cast your vote. I really don't know much about the field of candidates, except for the fact that Zachary Houghton is totally rad. For a time Zach was responsible for the RPG Blog, which was one of my favoritest gaming blogs until time commitments forced him to set blogging aside. Zach's now got some free time in his schedule, which he hopes to fill by judging the gazillion products sent in for ENnie consideration. I know Zach will do a good job as an ENnie judge. I totally respect his level of interest and dedication to our fine hobby. And he's a big Palladium fan. I don't play any Palladium games (though I own and like several) but I know that anybody who thinks Rifts is wicked cool but still generally has his head on straight is exactly the kind of guy I want game recommendations from. So please vote and consider voting for Zach.

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  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Ohhhh. He's the RPG Blog guy. I missed this earlier. In that case, I do (sorta) know of him, since I remember following RPG Blog links a fair amount at one point.