Monday, July 31, 2023

Dude! Northumbrian Tinsoldier!!

In a great reply to my quickie humanoid post commenter 1d30 mentions that Northumbrian Tinsoldier carries a line of goblins in the vein of the muppets from Labyrinth. And he ain't kidding. Check out these great gobbos:

That's just a sample. There are many, many more goofy little freaks in the line. Here's some other fun stuff they sell:
I love an adventurer with a light source!

This delightful figure is called Sir Blessed of Briian.

And don't miss the licensed Time Bandits line, featuring the best dwarfs to ever appear in fantasy (fight me):

They've also got most of the cool characters from the movie. Conspicuously absent at the moment are either version of God and these scary mofos:

Anyway, if you like cool minis, check out Northumbrian!

Saturday, July 08, 2023

lotsa different humanoids

If you are going to use all the standard D&D races, you need a quick handle on how each of them behave. If you can't makes these sorts of distinctions, they become blurred into different hit dice versions of Generic Foe. Here are my usual elevator-pitches for them:

Kobolds - like the Gremlins in the movies

Goblins - everything you hate about middle class existence

Orcs - blue collar working stiffs, part Homer Simpson, part Archie Bunker

Hobgoblins - the goddamn Nazis

Gnolls - evil frat boys variously chilling on spring break or rioting after their team wins the championship

Bugbears - sadistic cannibalistic Bigfoot

Ogres - Sweetums from the Muppet Show