Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dungeons & Superfriends

The Challenge of the Superfriends episode "Monolith of Evil" contains this awesome little dungeon adventure, starring members of the Legion of Doom!

The Hall of Doom tunnels to the center of the Earth in search of the source of evil energy that resurrected Solomon Grundy as a super-powered swamp zombie guy.

I could totally stat up this party in Encounter Critical without breaking a sweat.  A planetary ape mad scientist, a frankenstein warrior and two human criminals.

I've got about a dozen screencaps of background shots like this, but I'm going to assume not every Gameblog reader likes lava as much as I do.  So I'll post just this one.

The party marches along a narrow pathway between dangerous bursting lava bubbles and lava falls.

They eventually pass behind an even an even bigger lavafall.

Holy crap!  Four-armed dragon!  The party flees into a nearby tunnel.  Riddler wants to wuss out and turn back but Solomon Grundy turns and snarls "No! We go on!"

They emerge into a second large cavern.

The super-awesome MacGuffin is almost in hand...

"Don't worry! I, the most useless member of the Legion of Doom, will go get the treasure!"

Crap on a stick!  A giant lava monster!  The rest of the party doesn't think twice about abandoning Leaves-Clues-For-The-Heroes-Man to his fiery fate.

Not wanting to fight Surtur's nephew, the Legion of Doom trick the Superfriends into doing their dirty work for them.

A monkey, a dead guy, and a girl in cat pajamas can escape this dragon, but a flying dude cannot.  What does that say about Hawkman's basic competence?

Remember that lava monster?  Good thing Superman memorized cone of cold that day.

If I was the DM here, I'd probably rule that the lava in the lake will eventually re-heat the monster.  Maybe d6 turns later.

Following some Legion of Doom trickery and some kryptonite, our heroes are nearly eaten by this awesome giant crab with tentacles.  Don't worry Superman, Hawkman will save you!

Then they stumble into this weird black crystal cave with a petrification trap. Don't worry, the Flash shows up and molecules their molecules. That always makes things better.

This lava dungeon adventure isn't even the whole episode.  I'm leaving out the part where Braniac and Lex Luthor kidnap the U.N. building, the blotting out of the sun, the water creature that gets turned into an ice monster, the Justice League computer calling Robin an idiot AND a giant yellow robot!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

brief thoughts on starting adventures

I recently mentioned on that RPG Circus podcast that the Keep on the Borderlands is my all-time favorite module.  I have plenty of modules new and old that I adore, but the combination of heavy nostalgia plus the brilliant pick-your-poison layout of the Caves of Chaos makes it the top dog in my book.  I wish more dungeon maps took cues from the Caves of Chaos.

However, I think that ol' B2 and many other starter modules contain at least two grievous oversights:
  1. Insufficient skeletons.  If I may be dogmatic for just a moment, at least one or two of the earlier combat encounters in any starter module ought to include some skeletons or zombies.  Especially if you're using an edition where clerics don't get spells until level 2, where Turn Undead is the only cool ability of newly-rolled clerics.  If you don't give the clerics something to turn then starting clerics are just weak fighters with maces.  B2 has some skeletons in the Shrine of Chaos portion of the adventure.  But in all the times I've run it (more than I can remember), no one ever got to that section until session three or so.
  2. A lack of tiny places.  The most overlooked asset of halfing characters is that the buggers are tinier than everyone else in the party.  More dungeons should have the odd choke point that only the smallest characters can squeeze through or low-hanging kobold tunnels where bigger characters can't operate efficiently.  Otherwise the wee bastards end up functioning as little more than pisspoor dwarves with beards on their feet.
Speaking of dwarves, a starter module could be improved by including one or more spots where dwarven search abilities are useful.  And maybe throw in some sort of runic clue that can only be deciphered with a read magic spell, so as to give the MU something to do besides casting sleep.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

cyclops orcs of Britain

From the UK edition of the Holmes edit of D&D Basic.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

three random thoughts

  • During the fifties through to the early eighties wrestling on TV basically served as infomercials for the live events.  Cable and pay-per-view changed that formula.  But I think maybe a wrestling promotion in a large metropolitan area could make that formula work again by posting matches to youtube advertising the house shows.
  • Today I walked past a nail salon.  All the middle-aged ladies getting their nails done were watching a Bruce Lee movie on a big-ass flatscreen TV.  The universe is a little awesomer than I thought it was.
  • I tried AdventureQuest for a few days. It seems to be a perfectly adequate simulator for the least interesting parts of D&D.  Anybody got a recommendation for a browser-based D&D type thing-a-ma-bob with some overland exploration and/or dark, dingy dungeons?

Shatner: The Motion Picture

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cinder II: Electric Bugaloo, session 1

So Wednesday I got my regulars at the Armored Gopher to agree to taking a break from Mutant Future to play some more straight-up D&D/Labyrinth Lord in my World of Cinder setting. I was greatly enjoying the Mutant Future game but I was getting to the point where I was trying to play "top that" with myself every session. That's a dangerous mindset because it usually leads to either rampant Monty Haulism, depressing total party kills, or things just getting way out of control. So I felt like I needed a break.

Cinder II takes the basic campaign world concepts previously explored in the World of Cinder and puts them through the filter of an alchemical mash-up of old gaming junk, particularly the first Arduin Grimoire, the Dungeoneer Compendium, Unknown Gods, Verbosh, Rat on a Stick, the Ready Ref Sheets, and the Keep on the Borderlands. So last night we made up some new character and set off for the Keep on the Borderlands. The initial PC group consisted of the following:
  • Charles is Tobin of the Silver Sledge, a drunken dwarf and member of the only notable dwarf-clan in the region.  It was established early on that his character is a drunkard, but an amusing one.
  • Wheelz is Kelgar, another dwarf but an outsider to the region. He's in the Kingdom of Verbosh searching for the Bonnie Prince Charlie/Strider style Lost Dwarf King.  Incidentally, Kelgar ended up starting play with the Sword of Shiva (+3, whirlwind like a djinn 1/day) because of a lucky draw out of the Deck O' Stuff.  Oddly, he never drew it during the run.
  • Carl started as Olf, dimwitted cleric of St. Carmichael. But he got killed by a goblin spear in the first battle of the campaign. So he rolled up Brett the Bold, cleric of Irshar the Blind Gardener. My new 'How To Make A PC' hand-out really did the trick in speeding up chargen, as Brett was actually able to join in the last couple of rounds of the fight where Olf bought the farm.
  • Ria is the Mysterious Unnamed Thief. She told the folks working the gate to the Keep that her name was Adele, but that was just a pseudonym. This thief is such an enigma Ria actually left the Name field of charsheet blank.
  • And Dane is playing Roi Cribbet, traveller from another time and another world. Using Jamie Mal's Stranger class, Roi is basically the 1st level D&D version of this guy:

Yes, Roi has a chainsaw for a hand.

Did I mention that I worked out charts for the lineages of PC fighters of a knightly persuasion as well as a list of possible mentors for newly minted MUs.  So no one opted to play either class.  That's DM prep for you.  So anyway these folks start out on the road to the Keep, looking for adventure in whatever comes there way.

I have a confession. I absolutely could not help myself last night. When I described the guards at the outer gate to the keep I specified they were the dudes guarding the entrance to the wedding in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  They get into the joint and give their names to the vaguely incompetent scribe who records all persons passing through the gates.  Mystery Thief tells him her name is Adelle.  We'll see if she remembers that next session.

The party ends up at the Dew Drop Inn where the proprietor Gustav gives them the obligatory Caves of Chaos adventure leave, despite Roi trying to pay for a beer with his MasterCard.  When that doesn't work he tries cash, to which Gustav replies "We don't take that Verbosh City stuff here."  The party also meet Mohag the Wanderer, a seasoned adventurer who agrees to join the group for 25% of the take, and five mercenaries looking for work.  They pass on both offers.  They might've taken the mercenaries on, but my starting equipment charts end up with most PCs beginning play pretty dang poor.  Yes, in my game you can enter play with an awesome magic sword but not have lunch money.  You're supposed to use the one to get the other.  Some of the party members end up sleeping in the stables because they can't afford the silver piece for the flophouse.

We ended up exploring all of three rooms in the Caves of Chaos, but they were pretty fun rooms.  They entered the goblin caves and had a knockdown drag-out fight with six goblin guards.  It was a pretty sweet fight.  Mystery Thief was setting goblins alight with her torch, Roi cut through spear-hafts with his chainsaw, and Tobin was shieldbashing the little mofos like crazy.  One goblin ran up some stairs to ask the hobgoblins on the level above for some help, but I rolled a die to see if the hobgobs gave a crap.  They didn't, so the poor little bugger ended up speared through the back and pinned to the door.

Roi decided to chainsaw through the door to the hobgoblins, giving them plenty of time to evacuate the non-combatants and set-up an ambush with their bows.  Dude was nearly pincushioned the moment he finished sawing his way in.  Two of the hobgoblins were killed and morale broke for the rest, who fled through a door on the opposite side of the room.  The party opted to search for loot before following the routed baddies.  Eventually they end up at the hobgoblin Torture Chamber/Food Storage/Rumpus Room, where the hobgoblin torturers are whipping the bejeesus out of a gnoll with several other prisoners chained up nearby.  These particular hobgoblins are big tough sons of bitches and take several rounds to dispatch.

Roi then frees the gnoll, who of course has been whipped to the point of berserk insanity.  One dead gnoll later and the party is arguing over whether to free the four humans and one orc chained to the wall.  Tobin and Brett end up murdering the orc while Roi is distracted talking to the humans, who they eventually free. The merchant and his wife reward the party when they get back to the keep, while the two caravan guards agree to serve as torchbearers/packbearers for the party.

I'm really looking forward to next session.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This could make things interesting.

Here's a chart for newly minted knight PCs to roll on in my new mash-up campaign.

Chivalrous Household of Origin (d20)
1.  Rollo, Castellan of the Keep
2.  King Verbosh
3.  Earl Warren
4.  Baron Krake (skip chart 2, you are the heir to the lost barony)
5.  Lord Hargor
6.  Duke Carth
7.  Baron Vargo
8.  Baron Haygar (skip chart 2, you are the heir to the lost barony)
9-11.  Manorial Knight in service to Warren
12-14.  Manorial Knight in service to Hargor
15-17.  Manorial Knight in service to Carth (d6, on a 6 it's actually a vassal Baron)
18-20.  Manorial Knight in service to Vargo

Relationship to Head of House (d6)
1. Child
2. Child, bastard
3. Nephew/niece
4. Younger sibling
5. Younger sibling, bastard
6. Cousin

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seeking Gryphon #4

Anybody own issue #4 of the old game magazine Gryphon? If so, please shoot me an email: jrients at gmail dot com.

Monday, April 19, 2010

ridiculous quiz results time!

I came across this quiz over at Dungeoneering Dad.

I am a d8

You are a d8: You are the true adventurer! Dragons rescued, princesses slayed, and all that business while O Fortuna plays in the background. Your social calender is crammed with heroic deeds, and you've personally saved the world from ultimate destruction at least twice. You are reliable, perhaps a bit predictable, but overall a shining example of what happens when courage meets determination.

Take the quiz at

a campaign in one frame

elevator pitch: Post-apocalyptic medievals (with strangers and/or technos from the twentieth century) versus the flying saucers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

show your union pride


Dragon Slayer Union Local 3d6 T-shirt. Do you know your 3 types of dragon breath? Show up to your next 1st Edition D&D session wearing this shirt and you will gain 5,000,000 bonus Experience Points.
What does the latin mean? “I Loot therefore I Level.”

Thanks to my buddy Pat for the tip!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

rough, but serves my purposes

I've been trying to figure out the ideal location for the Keep on the Borderlands on the wilderness map of the Judges Guild setting Verbosh. I eventually settled on a river fork in a small woods just northeast of the gnomish village of Green Knoll. To make this location work with the B2 outdoors map I would have to use a mirror image of the outdoor map, except for the small river fork, which would need to remain unmirrored.  Given my lack of graphic manipulation skills the result is hideous.  But it's functional.

Now I'll be all set to run a best of the best campaign if I can figure out locations on the Verbosh map for the Rat on a Stick dungeon and the outdoors map for all the Dungeoneer Compendium adventures.

"My Other Car Is A Constitution Class Starship"

Big thanks to John Stater of Land of Nod for sending me this sweet Shatner pic!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Bandit Kingdoms campaign

Someone either in a comment here or over at therpgsite asked me talk a little bit about my old Bandit Kingdoms campaign. Was it Zach Houghton maybe? Anyway, I thought I'd talk a little bit about it today.

The majority of my D&D outings have been set in the World of Greyhawk, with the Known World/Mystara a distant second. I've long favored the Wild Coast and the Bandit Kingdoms as regions of Greyhawk ripe for adventure. I dig the petty feudings of minor lordlings in the shadow of greater powers. I'm pretty sure the genesis of the campaign started when I first found this map on the internet back in the mid-90's:

If I remember correctly this map was originally published in Dragon #63.  Here's a key point in the evolution of my campaign: I found the map but not the article that accompanied it.  I wouldn't own the latter for several more years when my wife got me the Dragon Archive CD-ROM set for Christmas.  You know what's better than getting the Dragon Archive CD-ROMs for Christmas?  A wife who'll get them for you.

Anyway, so I had this great map of the Bandit Kingdoms with the individual fiefdoms marked out but no key.  I had a lot of fun populating that map.  Area 7 or 8 (I forget which at the moment) was the focus of much of campaign as it contained the starting town of Blighton and the randomly generated megadungeon I unimaginatively title The Dungeon of Doom.  I've never been big on fussing over titles and names, but I guess the fact that you're reading Jeff's Gameblog probably makes that clear.

I decided that the Bandit Kingdoms needed a little backstory.  In my version of the World of Greyhawk the area these punk-lords occupy was once known as the Hammer Lands, sort of a sister state to the Shield Lands with a similar chivalric ethos.  But the Hammer Lands suffered from a succession crisis when the king died without naming an heir and his three sons tore the land apart in a multi-generational civil war.  The bums running the 17 areas on the map above are mostly descendants of opportunistic adventurers who grabbed some land in the aftermath, but two or three of the Bandit Kings had totally legit claims to rulership of the whole region.  One plotline the PCs never followed up on was a search for the Crown Jewels of the Hammerlands.  I thought they might go for an opportunity to play kingmaker in the region, but they seemed to prefer the lawless status quo.  Which was fine by me.

One of the major themes of the campaign was the Lesser of Two Evils.  Most characters in the campaign tended towards the bottom right corner of the chart (i.e. Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil).  Key PCs in the game included a CN bard/mage with a penchant for fireballs and necromancy, a CE half-drow cavalier who commanded a small mercenary army, a CE Demogorgon-worshipping half-orc cleric-assassin (played by yours truly during the odd occasions when someone else DMed) and a CE cleric who claimed to serve the octopus-god Pyaray but was actually a double agent for Tharizdun.  The nicest PCs in the campaign were the half-elf who wanted to form a gnome army to destroy the human menace and the druid who accidentally burned down his own forest.

But compared to the Horned Society these miscreants were the good guys.  The Horned Society was always half a step away from invading the Kingdoms, one of the few things that could temporarily unite the petty kings.  My version of the Horned Society was sort of a cross between Hollywood Nazis and the Deviants of Marvel comics: their version of concentration camps didn't just churn out corpses, they also created horrible mutants to be unleashed against their foes.  One time the party stumbled across a hidden outpost of the Horned Society deep inside their own territory.  I thought they might clear the joint out and occupy it themselves.  No.  They leveled the place.

A couple of sessions were devoted to exploring Rift Canyon.  My version featured a lost world jungle full of dinosaurs and cavemen at the bottom.  The canyon wall wasn't a steep drop-off to the bottom, but rather a series of steps down, with each step a few hundred feet down and a fraction of a mile wide.  Along one of these steps the party discovered a silver vein in the side of the canyon.  They set up a wood stockade on that level and arranged for the silver to be mined out.

That's all about the campaign that pops into my head at the moment.  Feel free to ask some follow-up questions in the comments.  And maybe my buddy Pat will offer some additional thoughts as well.  He was the only player to attend every session of the campaign and his memory is a lot better than mine.

UPDATE: More info from a player's prospective here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the flumph beat this? part 3

Here's the final installment of monsters from White Dwarf that almost made it into the Fiend Folio.

Several people noted that they really liked the crashed spacecraft cover from yesterday's post. Me? I'm a sucker for shapely futuristic ladies in skintight jumpsuits.  Anyway, the intro to this article notes that most of these critters were omitted from the final draft of the FF due to intellectual property concerns.  Take for instance, this awesome Russ-drawn Martian "Greenman":

That dude is sweet! Maybe there's be a little more sword-and-planet action in D&D today if some Burroughs-inspired monsters were in the official rulebooks.

Another Burrough critter, the infamous White Ape of Mars.  That combines two of my favorite monster types: albino ape plus dude-with-four-arms.

The Spikehead is a beast with a spike on its head.  It can also administer a bearhug.

The Wirrn is a giant maggot that will rape your PC.  I'm not kidding about that at all.  There are plenty of monsters that implant victims with eggs that hatch fatally at some point in the future.  This is the first such monster I've seen that knocks you prone and straddles you to do it.  There's a line I draw in my games and the Wirrn is way over on the wrong side of it.

The Cold Beast is a white lion with eyes made of gems that shoot cones of cold.  It can also smother you for cold damage.  Unlike every other monster with special properties in a specific body location, the eyes of the Cold Beast retain their powers after you pluck them out.

Anybody know the source of the Spikehead, Wirrn or Cold Beast?

blatant self-promotion

So I filled in for one of the regulars on the most recent RPG Circus podcast.  I'm not familiar with RPG Circus (or any podcast for that matter) but this gig was basically just three dudes shooting the breeze about RPGs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the flumph beat this? part 2

In case you're just tuning in, this week I'm looking at the creatures published in White Dwarf magazine that almost made it into the pages of the Fiend Folio.  Five of these passed-over beasties were published in issue #16, which I looked at yesterday.  Issue 17 has six more critters.  I'm going to show you pictures of four of them.  The other two are the Heat Skeleton and the Goom.  The Heat Skeleton is a five hit die undead that can cast heat metal.  The Goom is a giant amoeba.  Nothing wrong with these monsters, mind you.   I just don't feel anything is gained by showing you a generic skeleton and yet another ooze.  Anyway, on with the other monsters.

I love this little creep.  Called the bodach, that name was later used for a much different critter in the Monster Manual II.  Oddly, the weirdly-jointed legs on these guys allow them to run uphill faster than downhill.

The Night Riders are a non-undead take on the Nazgul.

Love the illo but this Green Worm is just a Purple Worm with fewer hit dice.

This Spice Worm is just as redundant as the Green Worm, but at least it makes no bones about its source material.  As a side note, I love monster book illos that show PCs getting the business.

Tomorrow I'll share one more load of monsters the editors slighted to include crabmen.

motivation time

(Click to embiggen.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the flumph beat this? part 1

I sometimes wonder if the original Fiend Folio could be used as a litmus test for gamers, because pretty much everyone with a passing familiarity with this tome seems to have an opinion about it.  People either love it or hate it.  Well, maybe hate is too strong a term.  Is there a German word for dismissing something out of hand due to 'obvious' lameness?  Gsundgnugenfreude or something like that.  Anyway, I will readily admit that the FF is chock full of crazy non-sensical monsters.  The difference between me and the gsundgnugenfreuders is that I like it when parts of my D&D game make no sense.

Still, I can see where such folk are coming from.  I don't doubt that most hardcore Folio fans have at least one creature in the book they dislike.  For me its the denzelian.  A super-slow non-hostile slime monster whose only function is carving tunnels around metal deposits.  Sure, I could write some sort of scenario involving competing mining interests and a stolen denzelian egg, but I'm not sure I really want to.

The usual poster boy for the Fiend Folio's arch-goofiness is the flumph (pictured right).  The flumph's been used for a couple good gags over at Order of the Stick.  I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this creature, ever since that one time in my Bandit Kingdoms campaign.  Ray was playing a Unearthed Arcana-powered half-drow cavalier who wrecked my monsters on a continuing basis.  I scored a solid hit with a flumph death-from-above ambush, using those little spiky things on the underside to deliver flumph-acid right through the cavalier's helmet and directly into his brainpan.  Good times.

Anyway, the Fiend Folio was a product of the UK division of TSR and a bunch of the critters in the book came from White Dwarf's Fiend Factory column.  This was back in the mystical time when White Dwarf was a D&D/rpg periodical, before it switched formats to all Space Marines all the time.  Three issues of those prehistorical White Dwarf featured monsters that didn't quite make the cut for inclusion in the Fiend Folio.   Today we're going to look at some of those beasties.

In issue 16 of White Dwarf Don Turnbull presented five of the monsters that failed to make it into the FF.

I think this Plantman was swiped from Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom books.

I've seen Man-Scorpion type monsters statted up in other places.  What I like best about this version is that they alway come with a magical sword, shield and armor that are cursed in the hands of PCs.  Also, SCORPION STINGER HORNS, HOLY CRAP!

Yet Another Psycho Girlfriend Monster: The ogress disguises itself as a beautiful woman to lure men to their doom.

Can you cast Floating Disc, Animate Object, Haste and Permanency?  Then you can make your own Tenser Beast.  For no particular reason casting Haste on one of these attack frisbees makes them explode into a shower of shrapnel.

Wow!  It's a friggin' crime against awesome that this Russ-drawn picture of the Wrecker never made it into the FF.  Imagine an official AD&D mini of this guy!  This guy is basically an iron golem/robot type that guards treasure.  They're immune to all spells and can totally bust through walls to get at you.

More weirdoes that got cut to make room for the norker tomorrow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

confession of an ex-snotnosed punk

Someone posted this over at

Back in the 80's I had one of these.  And I had a bunch of the actions figures.  I've still got Zarak, the half-orc assassin.  And I watched the cartoon, which I now watch on DVD with my daughter.  One year I gave my mom the rust monster from the Monster Cards so that she could get one put on my birthday cake.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flash! Buy random RPG crap!, a vendor my sister recommends, is currently offering an RPG grab-bag for $6.99 plus shipping ($4.99 in the US).  You get ten items selected randomly from the following list:

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Rogue Moon of Spinstorme Softcover Supplement (Traveller)Judges720
Heroes Magazine V1#4 softcover supplement
White Dwarf Magazine Issue #060 (Games Workshop)
White Wolf magazine issue #24 (White Wolf Magazine)
White Wolf magazine issue #49 (White Wolf Magazine)
Challenge Magazine Issue #027 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #035 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #036 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #055 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #067 (GDW)
Magebird Quest
Tarlkin’s Landing
Maranantha – Alkahest Sector
Citadel Of Fire
Polyhedron Magazine #070
Polyhedron Magazine #147
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 077 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 081 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 082 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 084 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 085 Softcover
Fantasy Gamer 002
White Wolf / Inphobia Magazine issue #50 (White Wolf Magazine)
Different Worlds magazine Issue #14 (Chaosium)
Different Worlds Magazine #32
The Gamer Magazine Issue #05
Pyramid Magazine Issue 10
Pyramid Magazine Issue 14
Knights of the Dinner Table No. 036 Softcover (Knights of the Dinner Table) K+C036
Gateways Magazine Issue 7
Gateways Magazine Issue 8
Dungeon Magazine 029
Mother of All Encounter Tables (d20 RPG)
Xcrawl – Color Edition (PDH-1050)
DCC Saga of the Dragon Cult boxset (4th Ed D20) GMG5200
Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors

Tanga deals sell out quickly, so hop on board right now if you're interested.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jim for this tip!

Shatnerday: go for your guns

Big thanks to GameBlog reader Stephan Poag and his wife for sending me the link to this amazing Shatner article.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Conan screencaps

So my Conan the Barbarian DVD has some production art in the extras section. I thought I'd share a few images.

A subplot showing Valeria's past as a pit fighter like Conan was cut at some point in the production.

I always suspected these dudes were meant to be sub-human.

I am Thulsa Doom!  Fear my receding hairline!

You all start out in a tavern...

I've looked high and low online for a good picture of this witch.