Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flash! Buy random RPG crap!, a vendor my sister recommends, is currently offering an RPG grab-bag for $6.99 plus shipping ($4.99 in the US).  You get ten items selected randomly from the following list:

Trial by Fire softcover module (Ars Magica RPG) AG3025
Bergholt I: By Shadow of the Night softcover module (d20 D&D 3.0) TLG1204
White Doom Mountain softcover module (HackMaster) K&C2208
Purge the Unclean softcover module (Dark Heresy RPG) Black Industries
Gaming Frontiers Volume 2 softcover module (D20)
DCC12: The Blackguard’s Revenge softcover module (d20 D&D 3.5) GMG5010
Tomb of 5 Corners softcover module (Exalted RPG)
Mark of Heroes: Desolate Endeavor softcover module (d20 D&D 3.5)
Pulp Dungeons: The Amazon’s Gold softcover module (Fantasy RPG)
Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun softcover supplement (d20 D&D 3.0) AP916
Dangerous Denizens: Monsters of Tellene hardcover supplement (d20 D&D 3.5) K&C1014
Hunter: the Vigil Free Rules & Adventure (Hunter: the Vigil RPG)
Relics & Rituals: Olympus hardcover supplement (Sword & Sorcery d20 RPG)
World Shapers softcover supplement (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition RPG) MGP1024
Ninja Hero 2nd Printing softcover supplement (Champions/Hero System RPG) DOJHERO0400
Traveller Chronicle #7 softcover magazine (Traveller RPG)
Sorcerer’s Apprentice Magazine # 11
Midway City softcover supplement (Generic RPG) ZMG6076
Evil Unleashed softcover supplement (Champions/Hero System RPG) DOJHERO223
Dungeon Master for Dummies softcover supplement (d20 D&D 3.5)
Stardate Magazine Vol. 9
Stardate Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 6
Dark Legacies player’s guide softcover core rulebook (D20)
Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back (1st)
MH-8 Fault Line
Death Game 2090
Rolemaster Character Records Softcover Supplement (Rolemaster)ICE5504
DCC #14: Dungeon Interludes softcover module (D20) GMG5013
DCC #25 Dread Crypt of Srihoz softcover module (D20) GMG5024
Dungeon Crawl Classics #27B Revenge of the Rat King with Cover B D20 D&D
Rifter #28 Softcover Supplement(Rifts) PAL 128
Vampires and Liches
Primus and Demon 18 Champions (Champions / Hero System RPG)
Synergy Bodyguard of Lies 3 (Conspiracy X RPG)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 6 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 7 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 8 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 10 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 13 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 15 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 17 (Classic Traveller)
Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, Issue No. 23 (Classic Traveller)
Megatraveller Journal #3
Star Vikings Softcover Supplement (Traveller)GDW315
Tancred softcover module (Traveller Classic) 330
The Travellers’ Digest issue #18 magazine (Traveller Classic)
The Travellers’ Digest issue #19 magazine (Traveller Classic)
The Travellers’ Digest issue #21 magazine (Traveller Classic)
Complete Exotic Arns Guide Softcover Supplement(Legend of the Five Rings)AEG3040
Lesser of Two Evils
Enemies 36 (Champions / Hero System RPG)
Midnight’s Blood
Robot Gladiators 35 (Champions / Hero System RPG)
War Against the Han (Buck Rogers RPG)
Hero System Almanac 2 (Champions / Hero System RPG)
New Orleans (Dark Conspiracy RPG)
Shamans The Call of the Wild
Slave Pits of the Goblin King Softcover Module (D20 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder)FAF2003
Scourge From the Deep Softcover Module (Champions / Hero System)HERO40
Encyclopedia Eldoria (CSR1200)
Power Classes – Assassin (MGP 1102)
Dungeons – A guide to survival in the realms below (AGE 8327) (Alternate Cover)
Judges Guild – Dark Tower (JG3 GMG4602)
DCC #51.5: The Sinister Secret of Whiterock softcover module (D20) GMG50515
Jungle of Lost Souls (Judges Guild)
Hong Kong Action Theatre! Film Festival 1
Fighter Tactics Manual Softcover Supplement (Silent Death)ICE
Ranger softcover module (Traveller 2300) GDW1038
Sovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook Softcover Supplement (Sovereign Stone)SVP3011
Deathwatch Program softcover module (Traveller 2300) GDW1016
St. Anton’s Fire Softcover Module (d20) TLG1901
DCC #50 Vault of the Iron Overlord softcover module (D20) GMG5049
The Chrome Berets softcover core book (Cyberpunk 2020) AG5025
The Spell Book softcover supplement (Fantasy Hero) ICE41
ENEMIES: The International Files
Mission Arcturus softcover module (Traveller 2300) GDW1033
Desert Shield Fact Book
The Complete Guide to Beholders softcover supplement (D20) GMG3004
Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper softcover module (D20) GMG4703
Swashbuckler! JOL100
Temple of Blood softcover module (D20) GMG4700
Agone Gamemaster Pack Supplement (Agone) Multisim Publishing
Bundle of Trouble V2KODT
Rogue Moon of Spinstorme Softcover Supplement (Traveller)Judges720
Heroes Magazine V1#4 softcover supplement
White Dwarf Magazine Issue #060 (Games Workshop)
White Wolf magazine issue #24 (White Wolf Magazine)
White Wolf magazine issue #49 (White Wolf Magazine)
Challenge Magazine Issue #027 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #035 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #036 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #055 (GDW)
Challenge Magazine Issue #067 (GDW)
Magebird Quest
Tarlkin’s Landing
Maranantha – Alkahest Sector
Citadel Of Fire
Polyhedron Magazine #070
Polyhedron Magazine #147
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 077 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 081 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 082 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 084 Softcover
Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer 085 Softcover
Fantasy Gamer 002
White Wolf / Inphobia Magazine issue #50 (White Wolf Magazine)
Different Worlds magazine Issue #14 (Chaosium)
Different Worlds Magazine #32
The Gamer Magazine Issue #05
Pyramid Magazine Issue 10
Pyramid Magazine Issue 14
Knights of the Dinner Table No. 036 Softcover (Knights of the Dinner Table) K+C036
Gateways Magazine Issue 7
Gateways Magazine Issue 8
Dungeon Magazine 029
Mother of All Encounter Tables (d20 RPG)
Xcrawl – Color Edition (PDH-1050)
DCC Saga of the Dragon Cult boxset (4th Ed D20) GMG5200
Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors

Tanga deals sell out quickly, so hop on board right now if you're interested.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jim for this tip!


  1. I'm there. Thanks!

  2. Okay, I couldn't help myself. You can order three grab bags for no adittional shipping I did. :)

  3. Just placed an order. Not like I need any more gaming stuff, but I guess anything I don't care for I can trade for credit at the local book store.

  4. > Tanga deals sell out quickly

    Doh, you are right!

  5. Just got my package in today - let's see what my $6.99 + S&H got me:

    Six of the ten items are Dungeon Crawl Classic modules - #2 The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho, #12 The Blackguard's Revenge, #14 Dungeon Interludes, #17 Legacy of the Savage Kings, #50 Vault of The Iron Overlord, and Saga of the Dragon Cult (which has a different trade dress than the others in the series, and isn't numbered). There's also the Hackmaster module White Doom Mountain, The d20 version of the classic Judges Guild module Dark Tower (I have the original, so it will be interesting to compare the two), a Gamemaster Pack for something called Twilight Realms, and to round it out, The Mother Of All Encounter Tables from Necromancer Games.

    I'd say I got my money's worth. Even if it's all crap, I at least have no dearth of reading material for the next several days.