Saturday, April 17, 2010

rough, but serves my purposes

I've been trying to figure out the ideal location for the Keep on the Borderlands on the wilderness map of the Judges Guild setting Verbosh. I eventually settled on a river fork in a small woods just northeast of the gnomish village of Green Knoll. To make this location work with the B2 outdoors map I would have to use a mirror image of the outdoor map, except for the small river fork, which would need to remain unmirrored.  Given my lack of graphic manipulation skills the result is hideous.  But it's functional.

Now I'll be all set to run a best of the best campaign if I can figure out locations on the Verbosh map for the Rat on a Stick dungeon and the outdoors map for all the Dungeoneer Compendium adventures.


  1. looks super oldschool!

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    The Slime Swamp map that contains the Dungeoneer adventures is clearly to the east - the river there is the one crossed by the Grey Rib bridge, and Morac's Sward is named for a previous castellan of the Keep. Note that this proximity to the Keep solves the one thing I think is lacking with Jaquays' awesome mini-setting, which is a place for the PCs to rest and restock between outings.
    - Tavis

  3. Excellent point, but I think if the Slime Swamp is nearby it will have to be to the northwest. The whole reason I flipped the map was because the Verbosh map has numerous forces of chaos in that direction.

  4. Jeff - I'm going to be doing something very similar with VERBOSH and Keep!

    I'm thinking of putting the CITY STATE OF THE INVINCIBLE OVERLORD on the other side of the mountain range to the West of the regular VERBOSH sandbox map, with a desert between them. This way I can introduce THE LOST CITY as the players are hired tyo guard the caravan bringing supplies back to the City State once things have been played out on the Verbosh map.

    I'm thinking of using a Rodney Dangerfield type as Hargor. "This is my CURSE! No respect!"