Wednesday, March 24, 2010

best of the best

So I've got this plastic clamshell-type container I bought in the hobby section of the local Target many years ago.  I'm pretty sure it was marketed as the perfect storage device for scrapbooking.  Anyway, I decided to see how much awesome I could squeeze into it and ended up with a sort of personal top ten list of out-of-print stuff.  Here's what I've got in that container, in no particular order:

'78 Basic D&D rules (Holmes)
'81 Basic D&D rules (Moldvay)
'81 Expert D&D rules
B2 Keep on the Borderlands
Best of the Dragon, vol 1
Ready Ref Sheets
The Dungeoneer: The Adventuresome Compedium of Issues 1-6
Rat on a Stick
The Unknown Gods
The Arduin Grimoire, vol 1

Okay, that's actually eleven items, but the '81 rulebooks are a single game split into two manuals.  Looking at all that stuff together and I can't help but imagine it as one sweet-as-hell campaign.

I'd love to see a similar list of out-of-print items from other folks.  Please share in the comments or post to your own blog!