Tuesday, March 23, 2010

more on DCC the RPG

I've had a couple more requests for further info on the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg that Joe Goodman has been playtesting at some cons.  Below's a list of what I know.  Keep in mind that I played one session with zero level characters, so my experience with this game is limited.  Also, DCC-rpg is due out in 2011 and still in early draft form, so what I say here may not be true of the final game.
  • Roll 3d6 in order for six stats: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, Personality, Luck
  • Stat bonuses work as in 3.x: +1 for 12-13, +2 for 14-15, +3 for 16-17, etc.
  • Strength modifies melee attacks and damage.
  • Agility modifies missile attacks (and damage?  I'm not sure), intiative, Armor Class and Reflex saves
  • Stamina modifies hit points and Fort saves
  • Intelligence modifies spell casting rolls (see Sunday's post for how that works) and Will saves
  • We didn't really talk to any NPCs, so I don't know how Personality works
  • Luck is weird.  What it modfies is determined by a separate d8 roll.  I ended up with my Luck modifying all damage rolles.  Other guys got mods to saves and to-hits.  Also, Goodman noted that Luck is subject to alteration much moreso than other stats.
  • Most operations are d20 throws.
  • AC is ascending, base 10.  Scale mail is +4 AC, chain +5.
  • Weapon damage seems pretty much like you'd expect.  A battleaxe does d8, a spear does d6, etc.
  • The chart for randomly assigning race, profession and starting equipment to zero level characters is supposed to appear in the final product.
  • Not much of a skill system.  Your class and/or occupation broadly cover what you can do.
  • The charsheet has fields for "Actions" and "Weapon Proficiencies" but neither came up in play so I don't know what they do.
  • Ninefold alignment.
  • There are classes, but I couldn't really tell you what they are, since it was a zero-level game.
Although this game is clearly in the same Old School/d20 Hybrid camp as both C&C and Basic Fantasy, I found myself digging this game more than those systems.  But I've not had a real opportunity to play either of those, so a straight comparison can't be made.