Sunday, March 28, 2010

wilderness stocking

Back in December Orion Cooper over at the Moldy Vale wrote a neat little piece about randomly stocking hexes on your wilderness map.  I've been looking at various random wilderness stocking techniques because the map I'm trying to fill has about 2,400 hexes.  Without random generation and computer assistance stocking that bad boy would take friggin' forever.  Besides, I love random generation, as it forces me to work with results outside the meager scope of things I could come up with on my own.

After looking over some alternatives, I decided to start with the random dungeon stocking chart on page B54 of Moldvay Basic D&D.

Assume "Monster" lairs include things like Old Man Jenkins, the grumpy turnip farmer, and change "Trap" to "Hazard" and you're good to go.  Next steps include developing random Hazards and Special charts and automating the wilderness encounter charts in the Expert rules.