Monday, March 15, 2010

old lead

A while my wife's brother-in-law Rod gave me a slew of old D&D figures. He and his wife Anne (my sister-in-law) played OD&D and 1st edition AD&D but hadn't done anything with the figures in a couple decades. I finally got around to taking some pics of these wee leaden people.

I'm pretty sure the dude on the left was in several ads in Dragon back in the day. The lady M-U in the middle is from this set. The guy on the right must be the coach for his party, as he's obviously calling time out.

I really like the flowing beard and pointing finger on the wizard on the left. Painting his hat and staff the same color was an mistake, I think. Meanwhile, the other wizard's shoulder-mounted familiar should tell his boss he's holding the scroll backwards.

This is the sort of pose I don't see much of anymore. Everybody nowadays is either in a fighting stance or a boring generic pose with nothing in particular going on.

This poor son of a bitch has a mold line where his face should be.

Normally I'd think "crap armor + polearm = generic hireling", but that blue mask effect really makes this guy stand out.

A fully clothed fighting woman with a torch? Two thumbs up! (Not that I'm against chainmail bikinis, mind you. I just feel pervy putting tiny naked women on the table and expecting female players to actually use them.)

I swear this wizard looks like he's wearing a cowboy hat. That's rad to the max.