Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Wilderness 'Specials'

Working off the top of my head to expand on yesterday's post.  Please suggest other ideas in the comments below.

1. Statue - see Ready Ref Sheets
2. Ravaged Ruins - see Ready Ref Sheets
3. Picturesque Scenery
4. Special Agricultural Asset (E.g. a mango grove, good fishing)
5. Entrance to Faerie Realm, an Unknown Hell or some other supernatural region
6. Tomb - see Best of Dragon, vol 1
7. Local Weather Conditions (unusually windy, foggy, etc.)
8. Frontier Fort of Kelnore
9. Disputed territory (stock with two monster rolls or look at nearby hexes for disputants)
10. Historical site (probably an old battlefield, may or may not have a marker)
11. Old Lava Flow (anything underneath it?)
12. Titan Corpse (Some of them are still laying around from the Titanomachy.  They rot very slowly.)


  1. These two posts couldn't have come at a better time for me. Thanks Jeff...

  2. Healing spring that is highly addictive.

  3. I've got twenty of them here. Some not quite as "special" as others, but all something to liven up the old hex.

  4. If you don't mind doing a little work, I created a spur that helps you create your own notable encounters.

    It uses Grim's cool roll all the dice method.

  5. R.E.H. says, A sullen circle of tall gaunt stones planted upright, with a rough-hewn stone altar in the center, reared by what nameless hands?

  6. How Special?

    Cliffs, quicksand, forest fires, a chasm, a cave entrance, an avalanche, flooding (maybe even an entirely flooded forest, like Reelfoot Lake), a geyser, shadowlands, a giant ancient and eerie machine from some horrible long-forgotten empire, hallucinogenic spores, a gigantic plant or fungus colony, something weird carved out of the rocks (easter-islandish), menhirs, a giant tree

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Kellri's CDD#4 will give you all the random things you need for wilderness and encounter type results, just like the Ref Sheets.

  8. Andrew2:14 PM

    Blue Tarpit

    Recent Fafrotsky Occurence

    I love the rotting Titan corpse idea! Depending on how it's decomposed it could even be used as a mini-dungeon...

  9. temporary encampment either occupied or abandoned.

    haunted or otherwise supernatural site.

    historically significant site

  10. Just an addition to your old titan corpse thought - how about making them "look" like natural features - a vaguely-humanoid face in some boulders, a worn-down hill etc - going with the old traditions of "Oh, that mountain is where the giant fell and never got up again."

    Just a thought - love the list as a whole sir!

  11. A forgotten shrine, half concealed by brush.

    A petrified forest, the tree trunks stretching upwards from a verdant field of grass.

    (From a Warhammer supplement)
    A wide, lightless hole in the ground, of unknown depth, with a cold wind billowing out. From a distance, it sounds like moaning.

  12. Anonymous6:35 AM

    An obelisk. covered in ivy and runes that may not be immediately obvious during the day, but at night glows...

  13. * 40-foot-diameter blast crater, 10 feet deep.

    * A low ridge of 5-10 foot tall cliffs that almost entirely bisect the hex. On the downhill side the grass is lush and the trees bear good fruit; on the uphill side the grass is sparse and the trees withered. At least 26 generations of a forgotten tribe's history are engraved on the cliffs but the tribe is nowhere to be found.