Sunday, July 10, 2022

Three hours, fifty eight minutes, and twenty seconds of Zak and friends

0:2:36 - "Couldn't take care of himself" (Mandy) 
0:9:51 - "Intentionally exposed Mandy to death threats" (Mandy)  
0:16:42 "Chin Up" (Hannah)  
0:21:28 - "Was violent and angry, and would not stop if someone said no, and pressured Mandy to groom women" (Mandy)  
0:25:08 - "So this was not an overnight change in Mandy?" (Mandy)  
0:27:37 - "Would habitually abuse women, degrade them, and talk behind their backs" (Jennifer)  
0:31:37 - "Retaliates, is manipulative, gaslights and uses BDSM spaces to abuse people" (Jennifer)  
0:34:40 - "So Michelle, you were there, did you see any of this?"  
0:39:49 - "So did a lot of people interact day to day with Mandy?" 
0:45:43 - "So a lot of this is hard to imagine unless you were there"  
0:47:02 "Wrote Mandy's blog and tumblr posts" (Mandy)  
0:50:11 - "Were your players only there for career reasons?" (Goons)  
0:53:17 - "So you and Mandy did not know Jennifer, Hannah, and Viv for very long?"  
1:00:19 "So is this all explained with Borderline Personality Disorder?" 
 1:03:31 - "Michelle, are you a sockpuppet?" "Uses sockpuppets?" (Funky_Pete, Olivia hill, Ava, roadsidedeadcat, seanfsmith, Tris)  
1:08:57 - "Does not believe in free speech - and blackballs, blacklists, cancels, deplatforms, and doxxes people" (RPGPundit)  
1:16:20 - "Uses sealioning, strawmen, fallacies, ETC"  
1:17:36 - "Uses people as shields" (Cavegirl, Scrap Princess, bethhmm)  
1:19:34 "You knew scrap princess, correct?"  
1:22:59 - "Uses flying monkeys" (Skerples, Mandy)  
1:25:33 - "Does not ask for consent"  
1:35:29 "Has admitted to wrongdoing" (Cavegirl)  
1:35:58 - "Michelle, what did Mandy try to re-contextualize?"  
1:45:40 - "So Mandy wrote her facebook post?"  
1:48:55 - "Michelle, do you have proof that Mandy wanted to destroy him?"  
1:53:13 - "Skerples claims that he had a secret inner circle on G+"  
1:58:45 - "Stalked or harassed people, according to Olivia Hill"  
2:00:28 - According to Olivia Hill, His books have the names of victims on the back" 
2:01:25 - "Only sued Ettin successfully because he is in Australia"  
2:06:51 - "Overly litigious, at least that is what Skerples, Andrew Girdwood, Joe Slowboat, tegiminis, and others claim"  
2:10:33 - "Rich, had a trust fund" (GauntletRPG, Pata, Gau, Robert Bohl, iospace, Tristram Evans, Tsilkani Aka InfiniteJest)  
2:11:39 - "Uses sealioning, trumpian tactics, and is a failson"  
2:13:23 - "Michelle, what was your reaction to all these takes, and comments you received?"  
2:15:13 - "Trust Fund?" (GauntletRPG, Pata, Gau, Robert Bohl, iospace, Tristram Evans, Tsilkani Aka InfiniteJest)  
2:19:05 - "Has given up" (Scott Michelson)  
2:23:48 - "What role did porn play in his career in RPGs?"  
2:26:57 - "Did anyone talk to his witnesses?"  
2:30:00 "Grim Jim, RPGPundit - they are connected"  
2:35:04 - " According to scrap princess and Patrick Stuart, he has an inability to admit he is wrong, what do you think about this Michelle?"  
2:35:58 - "Would lecture in circles, he would rage and scream and throw things or slam doors" (Mandy)
2:42:53 - "Mandy was Programmed"  
2:48:05 - "Michelle, was Mandy a meek person, or a controlled person?"  
2:48:39 - "How did all the things flip?"  
2:51:42 - "Was this change gradual or fast?"  
2:51:42 - "So did Mandy cut everyone off?"  
2:57:33 - "Makes his personal drama unavoidable" (Omegadungeon)  
2:59:27 - "This is all just drama"  
3:05:27 - "Froghammer?"  
3:15:50 - "Mike Mearls gave a list of names to harass" (James Hargrove, Akeche, Collin the Doodle, Kai Tave, Stokkie, and many others)  
3:23:22 - "Skerples was warned about him"  
3:24:30 - "Bought Viv's breast implants" (Viv)  
3:32:40 - "Sappelcline" (HardKore, Patrick Stuart, Jay Allen, Olivia Hill, and others)  
3:38:33 - "You met with scrap princess in person, correct?"  
3:46:46 - "Shit his pants outside a Chik-Fil-A at gen-con 17'" (Goons)  
3:49:55 - "The influence of video game people is?"  
3:51:53 - "Michelle, how did you and Mandy meet? What was your relationship like?"