Friday, August 26, 2022

okay but what if...


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Three hours, fifty eight minutes, and twenty seconds of Zak and friends

0:2:36 - "Couldn't take care of himself" (Mandy) 
0:9:51 - "Intentionally exposed Mandy to death threats" (Mandy)  
0:16:42 "Chin Up" (Hannah)  
0:21:28 - "Was violent and angry, and would not stop if someone said no, and pressured Mandy to groom women" (Mandy)  
0:25:08 - "So this was not an overnight change in Mandy?" (Mandy)  
0:27:37 - "Would habitually abuse women, degrade them, and talk behind their backs" (Jennifer)  
0:31:37 - "Retaliates, is manipulative, gaslights and uses BDSM spaces to abuse people" (Jennifer)  
0:34:40 - "So Michelle, you were there, did you see any of this?"  
0:39:49 - "So did a lot of people interact day to day with Mandy?" 
0:45:43 - "So a lot of this is hard to imagine unless you were there"  
0:47:02 "Wrote Mandy's blog and tumblr posts" (Mandy)  
0:50:11 - "Were your players only there for career reasons?" (Goons)  
0:53:17 - "So you and Mandy did not know Jennifer, Hannah, and Viv for very long?"  
1:00:19 "So is this all explained with Borderline Personality Disorder?" 
 1:03:31 - "Michelle, are you a sockpuppet?" "Uses sockpuppets?" (Funky_Pete, Olivia hill, Ava, roadsidedeadcat, seanfsmith, Tris)  
1:08:57 - "Does not believe in free speech - and blackballs, blacklists, cancels, deplatforms, and doxxes people" (RPGPundit)  
1:16:20 - "Uses sealioning, strawmen, fallacies, ETC"  
1:17:36 - "Uses people as shields" (Cavegirl, Scrap Princess, bethhmm)  
1:19:34 "You knew scrap princess, correct?"  
1:22:59 - "Uses flying monkeys" (Skerples, Mandy)  
1:25:33 - "Does not ask for consent"  
1:35:29 "Has admitted to wrongdoing" (Cavegirl)  
1:35:58 - "Michelle, what did Mandy try to re-contextualize?"  
1:45:40 - "So Mandy wrote her facebook post?"  
1:48:55 - "Michelle, do you have proof that Mandy wanted to destroy him?"  
1:53:13 - "Skerples claims that he had a secret inner circle on G+"  
1:58:45 - "Stalked or harassed people, according to Olivia Hill"  
2:00:28 - According to Olivia Hill, His books have the names of victims on the back" 
2:01:25 - "Only sued Ettin successfully because he is in Australia"  
2:06:51 - "Overly litigious, at least that is what Skerples, Andrew Girdwood, Joe Slowboat, tegiminis, and others claim"  
2:10:33 - "Rich, had a trust fund" (GauntletRPG, Pata, Gau, Robert Bohl, iospace, Tristram Evans, Tsilkani Aka InfiniteJest)  
2:11:39 - "Uses sealioning, trumpian tactics, and is a failson"  
2:13:23 - "Michelle, what was your reaction to all these takes, and comments you received?"  
2:15:13 - "Trust Fund?" (GauntletRPG, Pata, Gau, Robert Bohl, iospace, Tristram Evans, Tsilkani Aka InfiniteJest)  
2:19:05 - "Has given up" (Scott Michelson)  
2:23:48 - "What role did porn play in his career in RPGs?"  
2:26:57 - "Did anyone talk to his witnesses?"  
2:30:00 "Grim Jim, RPGPundit - they are connected"  
2:35:04 - " According to scrap princess and Patrick Stuart, he has an inability to admit he is wrong, what do you think about this Michelle?"  
2:35:58 - "Would lecture in circles, he would rage and scream and throw things or slam doors" (Mandy)
2:42:53 - "Mandy was Programmed"  
2:48:05 - "Michelle, was Mandy a meek person, or a controlled person?"  
2:48:39 - "How did all the things flip?"  
2:51:42 - "Was this change gradual or fast?"  
2:51:42 - "So did Mandy cut everyone off?"  
2:57:33 - "Makes his personal drama unavoidable" (Omegadungeon)  
2:59:27 - "This is all just drama"  
3:05:27 - "Froghammer?"  
3:15:50 - "Mike Mearls gave a list of names to harass" (James Hargrove, Akeche, Collin the Doodle, Kai Tave, Stokkie, and many others)  
3:23:22 - "Skerples was warned about him"  
3:24:30 - "Bought Viv's breast implants" (Viv)  
3:32:40 - "Sappelcline" (HardKore, Patrick Stuart, Jay Allen, Olivia Hill, and others)  
3:38:33 - "You met with scrap princess in person, correct?"  
3:46:46 - "Shit his pants outside a Chik-Fil-A at gen-con 17'" (Goons)  
3:49:55 - "The influence of video game people is?"  
3:51:53 - "Michelle, how did you and Mandy meet? What was your relationship like?"

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Encounter Critical news?!?

 So rpg bad boy Venger Satanis has bought the rights to the best game that isn't D&D.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

a very serious game


These boxes refer to nonessential systems such as crew quarters, the mess hall, storage areas, and the bowling alley.

Just over here reading Federation Commander: First Missions, the freebie introductory booklet for Federation Commander, Amarillo Design Bureau's attempt to make Star Fleet Battles relevant to the modern game nerd.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

What if the party were... fruit?

Stumbled across this on amazon: HERO Creations – Epic Fruit Adventurers. Not gonna lie, I am digging the pineapple archer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

love, dedication, or ridiculous gamer machismo?

I don't usually read the GeekLists on but this morning I stumbled across a nice one that is basically a collection of personal reminisces:

Longest Gaming Sessions Ever

Most gamers of a certain age (old enough to get started before the internet took over our lives) have at least one marathon session story. Especially if you got started as a teenager. Do the kids still get together for allnighter game sessions?

My marathon story involves running the entirety of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil over the course of a Friday after school, all night Friday, all day Saturday, most of Saturday night (we all fell asleep at some point in the wee hours of Sunday morning) and then the party finally killing Zuggtmoy after lunch on Sunday. Then we all went to high school the next day. 

Man, youth is wasted on the young. Nowadays I can't play any game for more than three hours or so without kinda wanting to take a little nap.

Iuz got away, btw.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

this one goes out to Dick McGee

Here's my attempt to make a Vektrean ship of some sort.