Wednesday, April 02, 2014

an outer space thing

So here’s an idea I woke up with this morning.  Writing this thing at the same time as my Cultural Theory homework was really weird.

The Peace of Vann
The Peace of Vann is one of the oddest known interstellar polities.  At the last galactic census it numbered 55 worlds scattered across 6 sectors of the galaxy.  These worlds are not connected by any known FTL routes.  None of the planets in the Peace of Vann can be designated its capital world, a subject of extreme curiosity even on member-worlds of the polity itself.  

The procedure for a world to join the Peace has been the same for the entirety of the present cycle of interstellar civilization: occasionally a seemingly random assortment of worlds will simultaneously receive brief radio transmissions that application for membership may be made at a certain location.  The last such application period, 176 years ago, involved at least 32 planets scattered across four different sectors all receiving the message “The Peace of Vann is now accepting applications for new member worlds.  Please send a delegate to Susarik-4 to apply.”