Wednesday, July 15, 2020

much ado about LotFP

As I type this there are about seven copies of my new short work, The Octo-Planetary Blade of Somnambulistic Beneficence, available through the Lamentations of the Flame Princess European storefront. However, you can't buy this crazy pamphlet anywhere. It's a bonus item you receive if and only if you order all four of the other new releases that came out on Monday: Adventure Anthology: Blood, Big Puppet, Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti, and Deck of Weird Things. Personally, I'm super intrigued by the premise of the adventure Big Puppet. And Fermentum yada yada seems to be using a premise I nearly pitched to Mr. Raggi several years ago, so I'm glad someone finally got around to it. And the Deck of Weird Things is exactly what you think it is: a Deck of Many Things analog for LotFP style weird fantasy play.

More details of this big sales event can be found here. Shipping from the dark lair of LotFP in the frozen realm of Finland is usually costly, but if you order the Deck of Weird Thing and use the promo code WEIRD (in all caps) shipping on your entire order is free. Admittedly, the Deck itself is the priciest of the new releases, but there's a lot of good stuff you could also get free shipping on. (Including one of the last copies of Broodmother Skyfortress in stock, for example. Or another copy of the excellent LotFP Rules & Magic book.)

By the way, I called my little book a 'crazy pamphlet' because the production on this item is super wild. Each individual leaf was printed front and back with a reflective silver ink, then the text and illos were printed on top of that. As far as I know, no other roleplaying book has ever been done that way. That's why it looks so weird in the photo.

Anyhoo, buy some Lamentations stuff. It's the only game company that I try to get every release from. The stuff is that good.