Sunday, July 10, 2022

Three hours, fifty eight minutes, and twenty seconds of Zak and friends

0:2:36 - "Couldn't take care of himself" (Mandy) 
0:9:51 - "Intentionally exposed Mandy to death threats" (Mandy)  
0:16:42 "Chin Up" (Hannah)  
0:21:28 - "Was violent and angry, and would not stop if someone said no, and pressured Mandy to groom women" (Mandy)  
0:25:08 - "So this was not an overnight change in Mandy?" (Mandy)  
0:27:37 - "Would habitually abuse women, degrade them, and talk behind their backs" (Jennifer)  
0:31:37 - "Retaliates, is manipulative, gaslights and uses BDSM spaces to abuse people" (Jennifer)  
0:34:40 - "So Michelle, you were there, did you see any of this?"  
0:39:49 - "So did a lot of people interact day to day with Mandy?" 
0:45:43 - "So a lot of this is hard to imagine unless you were there"  
0:47:02 "Wrote Mandy's blog and tumblr posts" (Mandy)  
0:50:11 - "Were your players only there for career reasons?" (Goons)  
0:53:17 - "So you and Mandy did not know Jennifer, Hannah, and Viv for very long?"  
1:00:19 "So is this all explained with Borderline Personality Disorder?" 
 1:03:31 - "Michelle, are you a sockpuppet?" "Uses sockpuppets?" (Funky_Pete, Olivia hill, Ava, roadsidedeadcat, seanfsmith, Tris)  
1:08:57 - "Does not believe in free speech - and blackballs, blacklists, cancels, deplatforms, and doxxes people" (RPGPundit)  
1:16:20 - "Uses sealioning, strawmen, fallacies, ETC"  
1:17:36 - "Uses people as shields" (Cavegirl, Scrap Princess, bethhmm)  
1:19:34 "You knew scrap princess, correct?"  
1:22:59 - "Uses flying monkeys" (Skerples, Mandy)  
1:25:33 - "Does not ask for consent"  
1:35:29 "Has admitted to wrongdoing" (Cavegirl)  
1:35:58 - "Michelle, what did Mandy try to re-contextualize?"  
1:45:40 - "So Mandy wrote her facebook post?"  
1:48:55 - "Michelle, do you have proof that Mandy wanted to destroy him?"  
1:53:13 - "Skerples claims that he had a secret inner circle on G+"  
1:58:45 - "Stalked or harassed people, according to Olivia Hill"  
2:00:28 - According to Olivia Hill, His books have the names of victims on the back" 
2:01:25 - "Only sued Ettin successfully because he is in Australia"  
2:06:51 - "Overly litigious, at least that is what Skerples, Andrew Girdwood, Joe Slowboat, tegiminis, and others claim"  
2:10:33 - "Rich, had a trust fund" (GauntletRPG, Pata, Gau, Robert Bohl, iospace, Tristram Evans, Tsilkani Aka InfiniteJest)  
2:11:39 - "Uses sealioning, trumpian tactics, and is a failson"  
2:13:23 - "Michelle, what was your reaction to all these takes, and comments you received?"  
2:15:13 - "Trust Fund?" (GauntletRPG, Pata, Gau, Robert Bohl, iospace, Tristram Evans, Tsilkani Aka InfiniteJest)  
2:19:05 - "Has given up" (Scott Michelson)  
2:23:48 - "What role did porn play in his career in RPGs?"  
2:26:57 - "Did anyone talk to his witnesses?"  
2:30:00 "Grim Jim, RPGPundit - they are connected"  
2:35:04 - " According to scrap princess and Patrick Stuart, he has an inability to admit he is wrong, what do you think about this Michelle?"  
2:35:58 - "Would lecture in circles, he would rage and scream and throw things or slam doors" (Mandy)
2:42:53 - "Mandy was Programmed"  
2:48:05 - "Michelle, was Mandy a meek person, or a controlled person?"  
2:48:39 - "How did all the things flip?"  
2:51:42 - "Was this change gradual or fast?"  
2:51:42 - "So did Mandy cut everyone off?"  
2:57:33 - "Makes his personal drama unavoidable" (Omegadungeon)  
2:59:27 - "This is all just drama"  
3:05:27 - "Froghammer?"  
3:15:50 - "Mike Mearls gave a list of names to harass" (James Hargrove, Akeche, Collin the Doodle, Kai Tave, Stokkie, and many others)  
3:23:22 - "Skerples was warned about him"  
3:24:30 - "Bought Viv's breast implants" (Viv)  
3:32:40 - "Sappelcline" (HardKore, Patrick Stuart, Jay Allen, Olivia Hill, and others)  
3:38:33 - "You met with scrap princess in person, correct?"  
3:46:46 - "Shit his pants outside a Chik-Fil-A at gen-con 17'" (Goons)  
3:49:55 - "The influence of video game people is?"  
3:51:53 - "Michelle, how did you and Mandy meet? What was your relationship like?"


  1. It is very long, but well worth the listen.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Hey Nic, is that a real pic of you? because I’m pretty sure I saw that image used for a sexual dysfunction doctor in a blue chew ad.

    2. Hey Anonymous, I'm glad my ad got your attention. Did the blue chew work for you, or did you need surgery to get a manual pump installed?

  2. Thanks for putting this up, Jeff. The new and important thing about this video is that the major witness in the case--Michelle--who spent more time with us together than anyone else, agreed to speak out on camera.

    1. Anonymous8:29 PM

      You should look up what constitutes a witness lol

    2. All the lawyers and judges involved agree she's a witness, anonymous stereotypical troll account If you believe she isn't, you should send them a signed affidavit explaining what you know that they don't. It will help the other side.

  3. Thank you so much - This is greatly appreciated.

  4. It's long but it's worth listening to. Thanks for putting it up.

  5. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Lol still trying to get back in the graces of a tiny hobby that junked you as much for your personality as for your abuse of women

    1. Nice insult - Here are some parts you seem to have missed:
      This is not Zak's blog.
      The interview was not Zak's Idea.
      He is not trying to get back in the graces of anybody, especially as pretty much everyone were traitorous, he is trying to clear his name.
      Zak did not abuse women: if you have proof that he did - Please convey it.

  6. Anonymous3:59 AM

    The last two posts on what was once a great rpg blog are about a fascist transphobe (Venger) and what ever kind of goon ZS is. Gaming blogs truly are over.

    1. No, the post is about Venger buying a Encounter Critical, one of the systems Jeff has spoken about, and praised - So it completely reasonable that Jeff would care - it is something he has talked about in other blogposts before.
      Zak is not a goon - most of the worst harassers of Zak are goons.

    2. Anonymous4:04 PM

      I'm not a fascist transphobe... though, I am a moderate "middle America" conservative who's steadfastly against transing the kids!

      Additionally, I'll have more Encounter Critical news in a couple weeks, after VENGER CON.

    3. Venger, if you had Jeff Rients and/or Zak Smith running games at VengerCon that would be the epic OSR event of the year!

  7. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I thought this had to be some sort of sarcastic joke: over 3 hours ("and twenty seconds" ! lol) of chatter about this dead as dead can be story?! But, nope, this is real. No candid camera here, folks. Mind blown. The pathetic, creepy self-pity and vindictiveness are through the roof. How many years has it been already? Are your lives so empty and static? Damn ... I mean, lol.

    1. Yes, people's lives are so empty and static that for years they continue to try to ruin Zak's life and livelihood by cancelling him with unproven accusations, which as you said, is creepy and pathetic. For those who care about facts and witness statements, this is just more proof of Zak's innocence.

    2. Anonymous troll whose life is empty and joyless and who tries to get his jollies by harassing Zak claims that other people's lives are "so empty and static". Completely normal.

    3. Yes: Nearly four hours of question and answer - to address allegations and provide information to back claims.
      How would that be sarcastic?
      This story is far from dead - Legal cases are just slow - and people are too fast to judge.
      Yes: it is real - and it is not pathetic, creepy, self pitying, or vindictive to desire one's position and evidence to be known - especially when people cancel you on because of allegations, all your witnesses are dismissed as sockpuppets - and people completely ignore your witnesses, many of whom are women of color, trans people, and sex workers - because it is convenient to say believe women, and then disregard women who do not agree with what people want to believe.

      This is not just his story, it is a direct witness talking and confirming and adding information - this is the first time she has spoken out and given other evidence.

      3+ years is a long to time to have your name ruined on false allegations - nothing is going to stop until the people responsible are counteracted.

    4. Anonymous10:42 AM

      This is hilarious, Benji.

    5. Which part?

      Also, I would prefer Ben, though I guess names don't matter to anonymous trolls.

  8. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Not much here other that Benjie and the boner pill doctor. Where’s the other half dozen simps?

    1. Three insults does not form a coherent point.
      You are wasting time because your only goal is to troll, misinform, or lie.