Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the flumph beat this? part 2

In case you're just tuning in, this week I'm looking at the creatures published in White Dwarf magazine that almost made it into the pages of the Fiend Folio.  Five of these passed-over beasties were published in issue #16, which I looked at yesterday.  Issue 17 has six more critters.  I'm going to show you pictures of four of them.  The other two are the Heat Skeleton and the Goom.  The Heat Skeleton is a five hit die undead that can cast heat metal.  The Goom is a giant amoeba.  Nothing wrong with these monsters, mind you.   I just don't feel anything is gained by showing you a generic skeleton and yet another ooze.  Anyway, on with the other monsters.

I love this little creep.  Called the bodach, that name was later used for a much different critter in the Monster Manual II.  Oddly, the weirdly-jointed legs on these guys allow them to run uphill faster than downhill.

The Night Riders are a non-undead take on the Nazgul.

Love the illo but this Green Worm is just a Purple Worm with fewer hit dice.

This Spice Worm is just as redundant as the Green Worm, but at least it makes no bones about its source material.  As a side note, I love monster book illos that show PCs getting the business.

Tomorrow I'll share one more load of monsters the editors slighted to include crabmen.