Saturday, April 03, 2010

Shatnerday: what went wrong

So I thought I was going to be clever today.  I was going to use the 'click here to read the rest of the post' feature to hide a couple NSFW Shatnerday pictures.  One was a photo of Mr. Shatner photographing a nude woman.  The other pic was a pair of stills from a love scene with Ms. Angie Dickinson.  No big whoop, I just thought the 'after the jump' thingy would be a good way to post the pictures without getting people into trouble at work for looking at the nude female form.

Unfortunately, the RSS feed picked up the pictures and published them on the blogs of people who had there blogrolls set up to display thumbnails.  I had not foreseen that.  Once I was aware of the problem I pulled the post.  Please accept my apologies for the unexpected boobies.