Thursday, April 15, 2010

the flumph beat this? part 3

Here's the final installment of monsters from White Dwarf that almost made it into the Fiend Folio.

Several people noted that they really liked the crashed spacecraft cover from yesterday's post. Me? I'm a sucker for shapely futuristic ladies in skintight jumpsuits.  Anyway, the intro to this article notes that most of these critters were omitted from the final draft of the FF due to intellectual property concerns.  Take for instance, this awesome Russ-drawn Martian "Greenman":

That dude is sweet! Maybe there's be a little more sword-and-planet action in D&D today if some Burroughs-inspired monsters were in the official rulebooks.

Another Burrough critter, the infamous White Ape of Mars.  That combines two of my favorite monster types: albino ape plus dude-with-four-arms.

The Spikehead is a beast with a spike on its head.  It can also administer a bearhug.

The Wirrn is a giant maggot that will rape your PC.  I'm not kidding about that at all.  There are plenty of monsters that implant victims with eggs that hatch fatally at some point in the future.  This is the first such monster I've seen that knocks you prone and straddles you to do it.  There's a line I draw in my games and the Wirrn is way over on the wrong side of it.

The Cold Beast is a white lion with eyes made of gems that shoot cones of cold.  It can also smother you for cold damage.  Unlike every other monster with special properties in a specific body location, the eyes of the Cold Beast retain their powers after you pluck them out.

Anybody know the source of the Spikehead, Wirrn or Cold Beast?