Thursday, April 01, 2010

post-apocalyptic gladiator

That's pro-wrestler Ox Baker from his scene in Escape from New York where he beats the holy hell out of Snake Plissken.  You can't tell due to the chainlink fence in the background, but that club has a bunch of nails sticking out of it.

I've only seen a couple of matches of Baker's, but one of them really impressed me, a tag team outing where he and his partner was up against Andre the Giant and Dick the Bruiser.  Ox was well past his prime at this point (Not as much as Dick, though.  Owning the promotion means you get to main event no matter how old you are.)  I was impressed by Ox's ability to look like a real threat to the Giant while also convincingly selling Dick's offense, who looked like a midget standing next to the other three guys in the ring.  Being a decent badguy in wrestling is always a needle-threading act, since your job is to make the other fellow look good while retaining the ability to credibly threaten the next good guy to come along.  There might be a lesson about DMing in that.