Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looks like 4e is here

It's been leaked that Wizards will be announcing a 4th edition of D&D this weekend. Here are a few random thoughts on the matter.

1)Speculation on the contents of the new edition are entirely futile at this point. Yet see me speculate in some points below.

2) I will almost certainly buy this new edition, and play it at least a couple times.

3) There are some, not many, but some 3.5 products that I still plan on buying.

4) I worry that they will make the new edition even more complicated, rather than slimming it down like Star Wars Saga Edition. Because a more complicated edition that they can support online will drive Digital Initiative subscriptions.

5) If I'm right about point 4, I'll probably be happier with an earlier edition or Hackmaster, rather than 4e.

6) All those time Wizards people denied an upcoming 4th edition, when they said major announcements would only be made at the D&D Experience (f.k.a. Winter Fantasy), and when they noted that they had no room for a 4e on the product schedule? Lies, damnable lies.

7) Ryan Dancey is still a dick. That's not entirely related to the matter at hand, though.