Monday, August 13, 2007

five links OF DOOM!!!

Spider Meat - Free 5-page PDF adventure from S. John Ross

Star Wars deckplans - Note to self: Plan shoot-out on Star Destroyer bridge

Labyrinth Lord - Basic/Expert D&D given the OSRIC treatment.

Mongoose to publish Traveller - (in case you missed the hoopla)

I Should Write The Legion - This one goes out to RPG Pundit.


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I'd been considering doing something like Labyrinth Lord for my own gaming group, but if someone else has done it, that saves me a few days' worth of grunt-work :) Which version of Basic/Expert does it clone?

    (Waiting for the PDF to download now; apologies if that question is answered on page 2 or something) :)

  2. Whoops! I was slow to notice this remark! You now know the answer better than I do, as I haven't actually bought a copy yet. Owning like 5 Moldvay Basics and a similar number of Cook Experts is kinda a disincentive. Also, I don't really buy anything from RPGnow anymore since they partnered up with DriveThruRPG.

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Bought? :) I don't do business with DTRPG/RPGNow either; I just downloaded the free version from the Goblinoid Games homepage.

    I haven't had time to examine it closely enough to be sure ... It's definitely not Allston/Cyclopedia, which I'm glad of (I admire and promote the Cyclopedia, but it's got enough fiddly extras in it that I don't actually DM that version). The main thing I like to swipe from the Cyclopedia is things like the provisions for post-8th Level Halflings ... but I also prefer low-level campaigns where it doesn't make a difference, so ...

    Judging just from the graphic design (set in Souvenir) I'd say it's more "Moldvay/Cook 2nd Edition," but maybe with some "Mentzer 3rd Revised Edition" touches (it'd take more time to be sure) ... but there are some obvious retroactive fiddles that make it neither. Clerics, for example, seem to begin with a spell in Labyrinth Lord.

    ... Which means I still need to do my own group's version someday, as time permits, but this does look like a very nice job overall.

    Free version at: