Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the PCs

Here are my PCs for the upcoming Star Wars campaign, assuming I understand what they're telling me.

Cargo Cult Jedi - Went to an underground school established by ordinary folks with some training manuals and holovids and no real working knowledge of the Force. He's one of the few people for whom the training took. Then the stormtroopers busted up the whole thing.

Rebel Fett - A clone with a conscience. When Order 66 came through his psychoconditioning failed. In his mind all those other clones are commie mutant traitors. Having the face of the enemy has got to lead to some awkward situations.

BFG Rodian - On the run from bounty hunters from his homeworld and no fan of the Man, the Alliance seemed like the only place to turn. You can count on him to shoot first every damn time.

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  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I'm the Rodian's biggest fan.