Friday, December 23, 2011

note to Blair/One Dudebird

Yes!  Merwik the Merchant still has those wicked suits of armor in stock!

To quote an earlier post:

A breastplate and helmet combo will set you back 100gp. Here's how they work: They protect you the same as ordinary chain and helm HOWEVER they're slightly lighter, so you can outrun someone in chain. It's not enough to up your movement rate but if you're both, say, fleeing a monster the other guy gets eaten and you get away. Also, while wearing this gear you look just like a kickass fighter from an Erol Otus illo. Thes items go to the first nine FLAILSNAILS players to comment in this thread indicating that they are spending the 100gp. They are sized for humans and elves.


  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Watch them turn out to be subtly cursed, or the uniform of some cult, or made from the ashes of sacrificial victims.

    That is to say, quite the bargain! If you wanted boring things to happen to your PC you should have played Papers & Paychecks.

  2. Oh, number 2 on your list is absolutely true.

  3. I *think* Harold the Adequate cleared 100gp from his last adventure.

  4. Any versions usable by thief/specialist?

  5. Sorry, this is warrior-grade protection.