Tuesday, December 27, 2011

two more minis

These aren't really part of the group I showed earlier, but I found them during my search and thought they needed to be shared.


Hobby Products (later Mega Miniatures),  Metal Magic line 
C1019 Villagers and Townspeople 
C1019e, "Rat-Catcher" 
Sadly, a small but vicious dog is not included.

Heritage/Elan Merchandising, Lord of the Rings Diorama Sets
1701 Bilbo's Birthday Party 
1701e, "Gandalf with Fireworks"

A picture of a wizard with an armful of primitive rockets is enough to get any DM's brain going. Now imagine a variant MU class where Gandalf is the sole exemplar.  At some level you gain the ability to create fireworks!


  1. Am I the only one who sees Gandalf holding an armful of novelty dildos? Now there's a variant MU class for you: SEX WIZARD

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I just wanted to write said you could make scrolls rather easily out of that rockets... but that comment above reminded me of this strip:
    "Wait, what?"

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  3. @THE EUROPEAN: I was under the impression that Elminster had that title wrapped up.

  4. You are not even remotely the only one seeing dildos, THE EUROPEAN. Not even remotely.

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