Monday, December 12, 2011

belated Caves of Myrddin report

So in last Friday's game a couple of PCs caroused successfully, so I should really share some drunken news about the ol' dungeon situation. 

Durgar Ironfoot, Skole the Viking and Philip the Black spent some time digging through the big pile of rubble that used to be the main keep of Castle Dundagel.  Well, Philip the Black didn't actually do any of the digging. He let his henchweenie do the work for him. Near sundown they cleared a narrow accessway to a wide set of stair leading down into some unknown part of the dungeons.  The number of sinister crows in the vicinity had been steadily increasing as nightfall approached, so the party decided to get back to the abbey before the sun set. 

The next day, with the addition to their party of the cleric Geoffroy of Cornouaille they descended the stairs in search of treasure and glory.  As I recall the only treasure found was a magic-user scroll with a spell from the Arduinian Age, mostly the poor deluded fools encountered brain-hungry zombies, rabid rats (one of which killed Philip's henchman) and several trapped doors.  The expedition ended prematurely when the dwarf Durgar narrowly avoided the gaze of a trio of medusae, who then proceeded to chase the party right out of the dungeon.

So if you encounter one or more snake-haired ladies on the grounds of the ruined castle, you know exactly who to blame.


  1. Remembering,

    If you are exploring Wessex always scouts ahead with a mirror. That way you can ensure that you won't be turned to stone by a medusa, but instead will be eaten by a vampire that you stumbled directly into.

  2. Nice... just in time for my newly christened 1st level character to be turned to stone. :-)

  3. Are you harvesting your "which monsters do you like to use in games" G+ posts for material?

    In which case I didn't mean any of that stuff and the only monster I consistently uses is fluffy unicorns

    ...or...the stay-puft marshmallow man...

    oh this can't end well