Monday, December 26, 2011

three faces, two eyes

Stumbled across this Warhammer mini, I'm not sure how.
but my first thought was "Holy crap! A sword-swinging Tirapheg!"

The tirapheg is a pretty obscure critter.
This picture is the Tirapheg as presented in the original Fiend Folio.
For lots of tiraphegy goodness, check out Tirapheg Week
over at Max's blog Malevolent & Benign.

While searching for that second image, 
I found this unreleased Citadel mini of the Tirapheg.
Poor bastard had one of his arms broke off.


  1. I'm so putting that first guy in a dungeon.

  2. Have one of those in my Warhammer Chaos army, had it for close to 20 years and never noticed the similarity! There are a lot of cool things in the old GW Chaos range if you want some unique looking mini's.

  3. That mini looks like a true nightmare. I'm well over due for a good read through Max's old blog.

  4. Tiraphegs fill in my campaign world the role of the mysterious precursor race. I also think the stumps have hand and feet and two featureless heads have faces but those exist on other dimensions

  5. Oh man. I haven't painted miniatures since high school (15 years), but now I REALLY want to get back into it. I loved it so much. <3 Love your blog, by the way.