Monday, December 05, 2011

The Caves of Myrddin Thousand Yard Stare Club

Okay, so I've got 32 people on my player list for the Friday morning Caves of Myrddin game.  Each week I draw four names at random to get on Google+ and play.  So far 25 players have got a chance to play.  Most of those folks have played once, twice, maybe three times so far.  Here are all the people that have played more than that:

Blixa the Thief (Zak S) - 6 expeditions to the Caves
Hugo le Bâtard (Jeremy Duncan) - 5 expeditions
Philip of Luxembourg (Evan Van Elkins) - 4 expeditions
Pavel the Great (Mátyás Hartyándi) - 4 expeditions

Zak tops the list largely because he stays up late and is two time zones over, so if someone no-shows he's available whenever I broadcast the message "Need replacement player right now!"  The other three guys have just had the dice go their way when it came time to select players.  Actually being available for the play time also helps.  A couple of other people would be on this list, but they couldn't make one or two sessions when their number came up.

I'm bringing this up and identifying these guys because they all happen to be cool dudes. If you're going into my stinky little dungeons and want some clues on how to survive and thrive, these would be choice guys to hit up for advice.


  1. I would really really like to play in your game at least once, but I have a job that runs from 11pm Thursday to 7am Friday and we do Medical Administration Records on Thursday making it the busiest night of the week (so no asking off).

    Any chance you'll ever run a game at a different time? If so, please have me on that list. :-)

  2. Any chance you'll run a session at GaryCon IV?

  3. I've gotten to play a couple of times.

    And a couple more times I could have played; I was awake when the "I need one more player!" signal went out -- but I was watching Netflix.

    But fear not: Abbador the Mutator WILL be back.

  4. I feel like I should show support for the home team and mention that the Funsday night crew have played more than a few sessions of the Caves, and are all great guys. I don't know their feelings about internet privacy, but if you ever get the chance these three have probably played in more games at the Rient Table than they can count.

    Ethelred the Unready (Carl)
    Finn O'Malley (Dane)
    Will Die II (Wheelz)

    I might be easier to contact, but you don't want my advice unless you're curious about what Dragonfire looks like "way up close". I should really listen to those guys more often.

    @ -C
    I can't speak to Jeff's G+ schedule, but if you ever find yourself in Champaign on a Funsday I'd be happy to save you a seat at the table.

    *Funsday - Jeff runs a tabletop game at the Armored Gopher every other Wednesday. Next one is 12/14/11. Edit your calendars appropriately.

  5. Sadly it is a 600 mile drive that would take 9 hours.

    . . . I'm off on Wednesdays and possibly considering it. . .

    No, it'll have to be G+. I may have to just take a few Thursday nights off work at some weird point and then e-mail him and demand to be let to play.

  6. Also, comments are moderated now?

  7. They are (and have been for a while) on posts more than 2 days old. It allows me to weed out spam more efficiently.