Saturday, December 10, 2011

video time

Big thanks to Stuart over at Strange Magic for sharing this on the Google+.


  1. This is probably my favorite Neely bit. Great use of ethos (or maybe pathos?).

    Possibly the finest musical celebration of the murder-hobo tradition.

  2. Mirror Mirror unh On the wall...

  3. Our theme song for gaming! The main guy in this is modeled on my brother, I'm pretty sure.

    While this one from Neely is a classic, his George Washington video is my favorite internet video of all time.

  4. In an earlier session of the campaign I'm currently running, an NPC ended up with Babycakes' voice. Proved to be very memorable, even for the players who had never heard of Babycakes.

    Another of my favorite gaming videos on Youtube: I feel like it's a pretty good basic catalog of DM-styles.

  5. I've actually got the song on my MP3 player. I like to listen to it when I head to a game to get into the mood.