Monday, December 26, 2011

two news items

1.)  Merry Day After Xmas! The Secret Santicore pdf is out! In case you're out of the loop, this was an OSR project where people emailed Jez of Giblet Blizzard with a request for some sort of game type project (I asked Santicore for a map, for instance) and in return you got someone else's wish to fufill (I ended up writing a brief adventure).  The whole 104-page thing-a-ma-bob is available for free download here.

2.) I'm going to be honest here, I had never of Diehard GameFAN until today. But I can't disagree with whoever they are when they hand out two of their annual tabletop awards to Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Best OSR Title) and Vornheim (Best Campaign Setting).  Well played.


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I love "Down and Out in Gothmagog." I will give it a hip-bump like a pinball machine, and it's going to be steam punk for Old School Hack.

    It's got the squidge and grit of Warhammer, with the breathless "Awesome! And then! And there's this dude! And it's all like 'rawr'!" of Old School Hack.

    Reading the adventure gives a feel like you're looking over the game master's shoulder as he gets ready for his own game tomorrow night, which wouldn't work very well for other groups, if you weren't spot on for tone and anticipation of likely player moves and interests. But I think you nailed it, and I look forward to running it.

    Thanks for the great contribution!

  2. "Gothmagog" is definitely one of my favourite entries, and i just wanted to thank Jeff for the extra help he gave in getting Santicore statted up. Time constraints meant I just couldn't get it in to the collection on time, but when the proofread version goes up in a couple of weeks, your Santicore write up will definitely be included.



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  4. Wow, just wow, this has to best free stuff given this year. I would normally pay for stuff like this.

  5. Anonymous3:17 PM

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