Thursday, December 15, 2011

Caves of Myrddin update: goblin gold!

So the Wednesday night group made out pretty well last night. Based upon the drunken ramblings of the elf Vithujin(a.k.a. Elfy Don't, a.k.a. the guy on the Abbott's pooplist for prancing about the sanctuary stark naked) and Brother Cadfael's hopeless loser nephew (unlike Fred the Dwarf's henchmen, he's not loyal or smart enough to keep his lips shut), here's what the rumor mill says:
  • Most of the adventure was spent in the magical land of the goblins, where it was winter outside the goblin forest.
  • Monsters fought included a giant silver spider, some sort of land-catfish with a purple worm style maw, a giant pterodactyl that tried to carry off their guide Turg, helpful giant ants and a wizard made of cancer that tried to forcefeed himself to Gomma the Fighter.
  • Loot carried off included a bunch of unrefined gold nuggets, some gold 'coins' shaped like tiny foetuses, some Satanic dinnerware (sold to the local coven), some wavy-bladed swords, a dozen scrolls of black papyrus and some breast plates and helms of unusually light metal and wicked design.
Since nine sets of breastplate and shield were sold to Merwik the Merchant, these items are now available for sale.  A breastplate and helmet combo will set you back 100gp.  Here's how they work: They protect you the same as ordinary chain and helm HOWEVER they're slightly lighter, so you can outrun someone in chain.  It's not enough to up your movement rate but if you're both, say, fleeing a monster the other guy gets eaten and you get away.  Also, while wearing this gear you look just like a kickass fighter from an Erol Otus illo.  Thes items go to the first nine FLAILSNAILS players to comment in this thread indicating that they are spending the 100gp.  They are sized for humans and elves.

Additionally an incident occured in the main hall of the Abbey guesthouse, where PCs stay between adventures, so you all get the real deal scoop.  Gomma the Ugly made it known that he wanted to try and sell the Zircon Ring of Olorin, a minor artifact he's owned for several sessions and not used much.  James of Dillington, an NPC wizard, showed up to offer 2,500gp for the ring.  Before they could close the deal Lankii the Elf, a fellow member of Gomma's party, objected vehemently, arguing that the item was much more useful than any amount of gold the wizard could offer.  When Gomma ignored the elf and tried to close the deal Lankii threw a charm person on Gomma to prevent the sale.  Once the spells started to fly James the Wizard backed out the room and hasn't been seen near the Abbey since.

Later, Gomma got turned into a toad for talking trash to Dremelza the Witch, but Lankii saved him by trading away one of the Black Scrolls to placate the witch.  Gomma's player was on fire last night, I tell you.  He also needed to be rescued from the cancer wizard's cultist goons.  Good times.