Thursday, December 29, 2011

my new favorite boardgame

I beat my brothers-in-law and nephews at 7 Wonders twice today.  These are all smart dudes and I usually struggle to not come in last.  So now I will insist we play this game at every family gathering. More seriously, this is a fun little card-laying game of civilization building that involves passing cards to the player next to you and not being able to use all the good ones, so you get the double frustration of giving good cards to one player and getting crap from another.  Good times.

Another game we played was Egizia, which has a cute little ancient Egyptian monument-building theme.  The two frustrations in this one are the player before you swiping your action, and not being able to pick the option you want without screwing yourself out of future actions.  The latter is represented by little landing boats along the Nile; you can only go downriver, so if you pass something you can't go back and get it.  Another fun one.