Thursday, April 23, 2009

she's doing fine

Thanks for all the sympathetic inquiries about my wife's illness. Turned out to be one of those 24 hour bugs. And so far she hasn't passed it on to the rest of the family.

By the way, did you see Oddysey's comment suggesting the use of the Oriental Adventures family chart for Traveller nobility? As Lord Kilgore responded, that's genius. Getting good comments rules!

Maybe I need to throw together some Trav-oriented random family legacy charts similar to the ones in OA. A d66 chart ought to do it.


  1. You know, that would just about be effing essential for the Great Kingdom high-politics campaign I've got in the back of my mind.


  2. Oh, and naturally, I am glad that your wife is okay. :-)

  3. Traveller T4 had that "Pocket Empires" supplement that was all about creating a noble family and trying to build up a small empire. Well worth looking up.


  4. d66 random family legacy charts would *rock.* If I ever get the time to write up my own, I'll post 'em, but it may be a little while. Things are getting crazy busy around here. The game goes on summer hiatus soon, so that may a good time.