Thursday, April 09, 2009

best laid plans

So last night’s Cinder session was a bust. Only one player showed up. Carl and I agreed that we weren’t really into one-on-one D&D so we shot the breeze for an hour or so and then headed home. Squirrel, Christy and Sonoma had to go to a funeral and Joe was sleeping off the effects of extra hours at work. Since Wednesday is Squirrel’s night to mind the store, Dave was in as a replacement. But he ended up playing in the other Wednesday night game at Armored Gopher, a Miami Vice sort of thing run with d20 Modern or something like that. I’d hold him picking Sonny Crockett over my game except for the fact that his wife Heather plays in that campaign. Can you believe the audacity of this guy, choosing to game with his wife rather than me?

The prime topic of my chat with Carl was Wizards most recent boneheadedness. Fun Fact: Turns out that Carl discovered RPGnow just last weekend and had put together a wishlist a mile long just in time to not be able to buy any of it. I guess he gets to keep all that money now whether he chooses to get the PDFs or not.

On a totally unrelated note, I took some crap gathering dust on my shelves along me. The Armored Gopher used section was looking anemic and I figured some store credit wouldn’t hurt me. I was surprised when Dave told me that he might very well be able to sell my 3.5 corebooks for cover price due to local market conditions. Personally, as long as I can access the Online SRD, Microlite20 and/or M74 I just don’t have that much use for them.

The biggest disappointment of no game night was it upturned my plan to run Castle Blackmoor out of Dave Arneson’s First Fantasy Campaign. You know how lately I’ve been harping on open starting areas and vertical traffic in dungeons? Right at the beginning of the hobby Castle Blackmoor had both of those. I might still run Blackmoor in 2 weeks or maybe I’ll use The Fane of St. Toad instead. Either would be a hoot.

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