Saturday, April 11, 2009

a Shatnerday I couldn't pass up

Jonathan over at the Core Mechanic created this motivational poster combining an iconic piece of Shatneria with a quote by yours truly (from James "the Commish" Mishler's blog when the Wizards PDF story broke). All of Mishler's C&C/Wilderlands stuff is on sale right now, by the way.
(Matt, I haven't forgotten about your Shatnerday submission. It just got pushed back a week.)


  1. I saw that the other day and LOL'd. Still makes me LOL today. "Pure fucking genius". You da Man!

  2. Instead of "gamer rage" it should say,


  3. Anonymous12:03 AM

    No worries. This is, by far, a more timely piece of Shat-attack.

  4. Hey JR.. thanks for the bump. I just couldn't pass up the quote... Chad Perrin pointed it out, and I was like "OMFG... that HAS to be a motivational by line".

    @Kiashu -- yeah.. may have been better to say "Wizzzzzzards!" or whatever; but Gamer Rage was on my brain (the topic; I was actually quite chill at the time... )

  5. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Oh man. That is SO perfect.

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    HAHA I love these black picture jokes! :)

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