Monday, April 27, 2009

By Thrazar's Katzbalger!

So here's a fun little toy I found via a link on my buddy's blog. It takes a text input (a name) and puts it through mathemagraphical transmogrifications to turn it into some sort of fantastic weapon. For example, I type 'Thrazar' and got this:

I'm lsightly disappointed I didn't get an axe.
A katzbalger is obviously a blade of some sort but I had to look it up on the Wikipedia to find out more.


  1. Damn...
    your name ranks an Attack of 18!

    (Word verify of blathri - obviously the plural of blatherus)

  2. It's totally phasic that katzbalger a) looks so much like the gladius sword of the EC weapon list, and b)is usually translated as "cat-gutter."

  3. Darnit Jeff, my next post was going to be the T&T stats for a Katzbalger. Love the weapon and its figure of 8 hilt.

  4. Another one:

    It's not real, but funny.

  5. Given the leveling-up requirements for the Warrior Class in EC, that's really darned helpful :)

  6. Man... I just ran my daughter's full first name through...

    Katana... attack level 39!

    I may have to be nicer to her... =P

    - Dave

  7. Settembrini2:32 AM

    Kudos to you, Jeff!
    When you said "mathemagraphical transmogrifications" I thought you were just being cute. Turns out, it´s the most precise description of what happens!

  8. This is going to be my favorite net-toy for a while, I think --

    I don't get to have a nice stabbity sword, though. Alas.