Saturday, April 04, 2009

more orientation

Two more brief thoughts inspired by Thursday's post on Oriental Adventures.

1) Remember how I said OA was AD&D with another set of Gygaxian building blocks and that's a great template for making your own campaign? I realized today that there's at least one more commercial product with the same concept: Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved. I really, really wanted to get into that game, but 3.x was hard enough to manage. I couldn't wrap my head around AU enough to get a game off the ground, but a Labyrinth Lord powered version would rock on toast.

2) I think OA was the first place I discovered random event charts, allowing you to generate events on a yearly, monthly and daily basis. Those things are excellent tools for sandbox play. I even used the OA charts for some Greyhawk games, rolling up a couple years worth of events ahead of time. MechWarrior 1st edition also has a neat set of event charts, as I recall. Anybody know of any other sources of cool random event tables?