Sunday, August 15, 2004

Wraeththu Watch Update

I try to remember to check the official Wraeththu rpg website every week or so to see how the project is going. As I type this that site is down. This would be the first time the site has been non-functional since I started following the project. The official message board is up, but nothing new has been said on it since user Spooky Fanboy and I stirred the pot back at the beginning of July. I decided to do some further Googling to see if any info would shake loose. This led me to the livejournal of Gabriel Strange, a.k.a. gabby2600. This gabby fellow is apparently the prime mover on taking Storm Constantine's Wraeththu novels and turning them into an rpg. He's also directly responsible for the hamfisted antics on that led me to discover the game in the first place. (For more on that, check out my first Wraeththu Watch, from my old blog.) Gabby's livejournal entry from August 6th has left me completely boggled. This game is supposed to be available for purchase at DragonCon, the first week in September, and he still does not have a complete manuscript! Mind you, my ass is firmly planted on the consumer end of the production chain so I really don't know jack about the ins and outs of RPG publishing. Still I can't help but suspect that less than 30 days from release the first complete draft should be written. Best of luck to gabby and friends, but I see the release date being pushed back again if it hasn't already. Will the Wraeththu rpg end up in the dustbin of history as somewhat interesting vaporware or are these the normal growing pains of a first-time RPG publisher? I can't tell.

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