Monday, August 30, 2004

Busier Than One Legged Man in a Butt Kicking Contest

The title of this update is an old saying that describes my weekend and is offered up as an excuse for no blogging. I don't know why I'm offering an excuse, other than the committment I made to myself to update daily. Normally I work on my posts after my daughter goes to bed, but the last several nights I've been watching the Olympics instead of sitting down in front of the computer. Last night I was just plain pooped. Long day of driving, miscellaneous family shenanigans, and, get this, honest-to-God exercise. I am not making this up. My sister Jenny and I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon throwing a frisbee around. That was a heckuva lotta fun, too. I may have to get myself a frisbee, especially if I can convince Amy that playing with a frisbee is not completely stupid.

Saturday I managed to get some work done on my Starmada fleets. I finished a sufficient quantity of Extragalactic Invaders designs and dug in to work on the Federated Sodalities. I just need to finish some examplar designs for some member sodalities (the Pansentience Republic and the Terran Alliance) and I should be able to start working on the background info and maybe a webpage for all this stuff. I also need to figure out which optional rules to use. Fortunately the Starmada Compendium supplies a helpful checklist, kinda like the old days of the Rolemaster Companions.

As the result of a very brief stop at the public library I managed to lay my hands on some more comic books. The first is a trade paperback for the comic Powers, which is a police procedural following the activities of two cops in a superhero world. A very neat idea. I'm going to have to pickup the other Powers tpb I saw on the shelf. The other comic is volume 1 of the complete works of R. Crumb. In retrospect I should have started somewhere in the middle of this series (the library has something like 15 or 20 volumes) because I don't know enough about this Crumb guy to make his earliest work relevant to me, though I did like several pieces. I'm hoping to post a couple of my favorite panels, assuming my scanner and image-hosting cooperate. I also picked up one of two Sapir/Murphy "Destroyer" novels on the shelf that I haven't read.

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