Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pour a forty on the curb for poor Stuttering Tom

Last night was my Mob War! one shot, a Savage Worlds adventure set in the Roaring 20's. Ray was mysteriously absent, but Joe, Loren, and Pat showed up. They played members of the O'Connor Boys, and Irish gang looking to muscle in on Big Al Tolino's bootlegging operation. All in all I think the whole thing went well. All of the O'Connor Boys made it out alive, except for NPC Thomas "Stuttering Tom" McNaulty, who got clobbered by a big Swede with a tire iron. Bobbie O'Reilly (Loren's PC) brought some switchblade-flavored revenge down on the Swede. Many members of the Tolino gang went down in the brutal battle for control of the Miller Brothers warehouse, but the Tolino mob's resident freak, known only as "the Basque", managed to get away, thanks to me burning a bunch of GM bennies on soak rolls.

Things started a lot slower than I had anticipated, but we got some ripsnorting action at the end of the night. Joe at first seemed disoriented by the historical setting, but at one point midway through the session something clicked. "Oh, it's like we're on a Shadowrun." Suddenly the whole thing made sense. Loren was enjoying playing a vicious gangster and as usual Pat was cracking me up with his one-liners. At the end of the night we agreed to play some more of this stuff, so it looks like Mob War! is now a mini-campaign instead of a one shot!

Special thanks to the nice folks at for the ample supply of gangster names.

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