Sunday, August 01, 2004

Is anybody doing this?

Here's the idea: Taking full advantage of the OGL, put together beer & pretzels adventures (kinda like Savage Worlds short adventure PDF line, Savage Tales) and package each one with a chopped-down customized rulebook. In other words, you basically get 2 files at point of purchase, a short whiz-bang adventure with pre-gen characters absolutely ready to run as is AND a short rulebook containing all the rules you need to run this one adventure, in case you don't already own a corebook. Not everybody likes pre-gen characters (in fact, I don't know anybody who likes using pre-gens) so the second book would include chargen material tailored to steer any PCs made with it towards characters useful for the module.

So again I ask, is anybody doing this? If not, I may have to try it. It ties in with several ideas I've nattered around with, my long-slumbering Adepts & Warriors project, the BESM d20 stuff I've been on a kick about lately, my obsession with bringing back beer & pretzels adventure gaming back to the mainstream, etc. The first couple of dry runs could be simply approached as one-shots with my gaming groups and as con games. After getting two or three of these puppies done and run, then maybe I could take a stab at actually putting together a marketable product.

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