Monday, August 16, 2004

Bootleggers & Blasters

Pat was over on Sunday and we chit-chatted about games like usual. He helped me write up Savage Worlds stats for an average 1920's gangster. We talked about future projects, like more Classic BattleTech scenarios and maybe a Starmada campaign. Starmada (by Majestic Twelve Games) is a great generic sci-fi ship-to-ship game with a nifty set of construction rules. I've done a lot of conversions for Starmada, from Original Series Star Trek to Traveller to Star Frontiers to the hilarious Red Chicken Rising. Since getting the Starmada Compendium I've been more interested in an original setting, the expanded construction system just begs to be run into the ground.

We also talked about the Experimental Game Group project. One of the questions that is nagging me about it is "Will any players sign up?" The EGG seems like a GMs dream, as any GM worth his or her salt has at least one interesting idea that their regular group won't play. But a game group consisting of nothing but GMs inflicting pet projects on one another smells a little too much of too many cooks spoiling the pot.

Pat has a supergreat idea for running the old Lou Zocchi game Star Fleet Battle Manual. Instead of the usual figures, he proposes model kits! And instead of lengths of fishing line, use laser pointers for determining hits! Brilliant!

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