Friday, August 27, 2004

Game On & Space Out!

Amy received the news of my invitation to play in the boargaming group with enthusiasm.  It touched me that she was so happy with this new opportunity coming my way.  Of course she's seen up close how mopey and dejected I get without a regular game going, so every new chance to game is further insurance against me acting like a whiny crybaby.  So it looks like Monday I'll be going over to Bruce's.  I initially suggested that perhaps we play El Grande, a German game that both Jim and I enjoy, but it looks like Bruce has vetoed that idea.  According to Jim neither Bruce nor Carl are as impressed with El Grande as the two of us are.  No big surprise there, since I can comprehend El Grande enough to play the game in a non-moronic fashion.  Still, as long as there's a game to play, I'm willing to give it a try.
This afternoon I got a little bit of work done on my second fleet for the Starmada campaign, the Extragalactic Invaders.  I'm really hoping that Pat and I can get this project completed, as I'd like to run an "everyone unites to repel the Invaders" scenario at a future Winter War.  I've also roughed out some preliminary notes on my third faction, the Federated Sodalities.  This group is a little more byzantine to chart out, as the FS member-states each have their own navy.  I'm trying to stick to only two or three representative vessels for each subnavy.  Hopefully, Pat will get working on his three factions sometime soon.  I'm kinda hoping that with a little luck and some forethought this wargame campaign can also serve as a backdrop for some sci-fi role-playing.

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