Tuesday, August 17, 2004

a BESM d20 idea

Inexplicable Justice Force protects Ultra Tokyo from the forces of evil. Keeping watch from their Justice Sphere perched atop Tokyo Tower, they fight for everlasting peace!
  • Gunzor GL - GL stands for Gun Lord
  • Crimebreaker Six - like Bat-Man only less so
  • Ultra Robo - the robot with the heart of gold, literally and figuratively
  • Kamen Pilot Blue - master of vehicles
  • Elfelf Princess Balina - the exiled ruler of the Fairy Realm
  • Mecharider Sam - he has 60 tons of high-tech gadgets and he's not afraid to use them
  • Chirubi the Chosen - unwilling wielder of a cursed blade

Basically, the IJF is a faux-japanese superhero team in the Justice League tradition, lacking a central coherent theme like a sentai team. Consider it an excuse to mix together a bunch of the BESM d20 classes in a single PC group.

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