Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Swiped this off of's adbar:
Mysteries of the Drow
The image is futzed a little by my hamhanded grabbing, downloading, uploading, converting, etc. In case you can't quite make it out the tagline reads "d20 adventure with no NPCs who aren't meant to be killed!"

My heart leaps with joy at that old school sense of hack-n-slash! Ah, for those joyous days of youth, when mayhem and slaughter was nothing but lighthearted, innocent fun. Nowadays I stop and think about things like maybe killing black elves isn't the best premise for a module. I'm not saying the nice folks at Goodman Games are hood-wearing KKK freaks, or any other adventure writer that does "kill the evil drow/orcs/whatever" as a plot. It's just that as I get a little older I notice crazy stuff like that.

Maybe someone needs to do a "Kill Whitey" adventure module. That could be fun. Stick it to the Man!

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  1. Addendum 10/29/04:

    The module in question includes pre-gen PCs who are all drow, so its drow-on-drow violence. I'm not sure if that makes the racial angle any better or not, but I thought I woed it to Goodman Games to add this clarification.