Thursday, August 12, 2004

I hadda open my big mouth!

All things considered last night's session of the "Avatars" campaign went reasonably well. Dave got all the PCs together and put us in a fight with some Acid Beetles and a single Acid Beetle Wrangler. The new team roster:
  • Rongo (Pat), axe-wielding maniac
  • Sir Hugh (me), knight errant
  • Devlin (Loren), gambler and rogue
  • Actavioos (Ray), priest of life
  • Keth (Joe), priest of death
For added insanity, Actavioos and Keth are brothers. I think we have a shot at making this new group work, but I think the campaign's days may be numbered anyway. Everyone, GM included, has expressed interest in Pat's offer to run Necessary Evil, the supervillain PCs module due out this month. I've had a lot of fun with "Avatars", but it may be time to move on.

Dave has plans for our next regularly scheduled session, so I stuck my neck out and offered to run a one-shot set in the Roaring Twenties. Basically, I'm going to adapt some of the better stuff from the old TSR game Gangbusters and the first module for it Trouble Brewing. The PCs are all going to be members of an Irish gang looking to muscle in on the local Italian business.

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