Monday, August 23, 2004

Post-GenCon Grapevine

Info on new products released at GenCon is starting to filter back into the discussions over at The majority of the talk is about the new World of Darkness relaunch, which I mentioned a day or two ago. The No Press Anthology made it to the Forge booth. I'm really looking forward to that one, a bunch of little indie games bound together for all of twenty bucks. Could this be the format for the future of indie gaming? I dunno, but I think its a possibility. An omnibus edition of the old Hogshead "New Style" line would rock on toast. Another indie game that made me sit up and listen was Excelsior!/With Great Power (name no finalized yet), which only appeared as a demo and maybe an ashcan. This little supers game apparently uses HeroQuest style mechanics and weds it to a hardwired structuralist analysis of superhero plotlines. I'm not sure what all of that means yet, but it sounds intriguing! Guardians of Order has released The Authority, based on the kickass comic of the same name. Everybody is talking about how it might be the prettiest rpg book they've ever seen but so far no one has said anything about the substantive contents. Finally, Necessary Evil for Savage Worlds was not yet out, no doubt much to Shane Hensley's disappointment. At least one demo of it was run, but my sole informant rates it a "meh". I'll be watching for further info on this baby, but it sounds like it might be premature to buy this one without a good flip through.

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