Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New Cast, Same Game?

Dave Hoover's "Avatars" game is Wednesday night and I'm a little concerned.  Last session my guy and Joe's guy were both killed by the Giant Ant Menace.  Since then Ray and Loren have made new characters.  Apparently their current PCs weren't doing much for them.  So out of five players, four of us are bringing in new characters tomorrow night.  The only continuity between last session's party and tomorrow night's group is Pat's gronk Rongoo.  Gods bless Rongoo, but he isn't exactly the keeper of the flame that would be needed to make a smooth transition to a new group.  It's kinda like asking Guy Gardner to recuit and lead a new Justice League, or counting on B.A. Baracus forming a B-Team with three new guys.  Maybe Pat will decide to reach for the brass ring and try to lead the party, but I think he originally built a thick brick of a fighter because he didn't want to do that sort of thing.  The whole situation kinda makes me wonder if maybe we should just end the campaign early.  Dave wants to pursue his RPM project.  Pat's thinking about running Necessary Evil when it's released.  Loren and Ray clearly haven't found PCs for the game that suit them.  Joe and I are dead.  Maybe it's time to do something else.  I dunno.  I think I could go either way.  I've enjoyed the campaign so far and should be able to get plenty more ripsnorting adventure out of it, but I'm going to miss playing my little wimp Rondoo.  I had a good thing going with him.
And I fear this almost entirely new party will seem like the Joanie Loves Chachi to the previous group's Happy Days.


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Hey Jeff,

    I don't think that Loren and Ray are changing characters just to be contrary. From what I understand, given the situation (Myron and Johnny think the rest of you (including Rongo) are dead), they just figured their current characters had no real reason to stick around and die. Ergo, the new characters.

    However you do bring up a point. One I have been thinking about a bit lately. Before anything truly happens though, we'll probably discuss things early on tonight about the future of the game.

    peace... Dave

  2. Have a blast tonight!
    good point....no one loved Chachi but Joanie....

  3. "I don't think that Loren and Ray are changing characters just to be contrary."

    Me neither. But given that they have both changed characters twice now it seems like they are having a hard time find a PCs that they feel comfortable with. Or maybe they just like switiching PCs more often than I usually do. I've never gamed with them before. Maybe frequent character changes are normal for them?