Sunday, June 08, 2008

Two questions

1) How bad does this suck? 2) What can I change to make it better?

I'm loathe to change the actual graphic thingy, but the text is completely up for grabs.


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I hate to be brutal here, but it definitely sucks. I do like the idea of the graphic, but I had a hard time understanding that one of those things crossed in front of world was a pen, I thought it was a scepter. I also think your world is too small. So what I would do to fix it is, make the pen thinner and the nib smaller, make the world bigger, also make the continents semi correct, and make the world semi-transparent or sepia toned so it doesn't interfere with the sword and pen. As for the text, I would incorporate the abbreviation in the logo, like having WoAdWriMo at the top or bottom of the graphic between the sword and pen, and have it warp to match the curve of the world. Doing this should alleviate the need to make part of the words at the bottom green. I would also chose a different font, check out in the calligraphic/gothic section there are several good choices to spice it up a bit. Sorry if I sound overbearing, if you want some help, I would be happy to help you out.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I thought the pen was a mace until I read the previous comment.

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I thought the pen was supposed to look like a mace, but I could be wrong...

  4. Hey guys...

    I'm the one who did the pen/world/sword graphic. I cranked it out in about 5 minutes with about 10 more minutes changing bits that REALLY didn't work. Jeff liked it and didn't ask for any changes/improvements, so I didn't do any.

    Based on the comments above, I can take those and work with them if Jeff wishes that to be the case.

    The only comment that I don't quite grok is making the "continents semi-correct". Correct as opposed to what, per se? I figured these were fantasy (or fantastic) adventures that didn't always take place here on Earth, so why did it matter if the land masses are not quite right?

    That plus I only took like 15 minutes doing this thing. =P

    peace... Dave

  5. No... the pen wasn't SUPPOSED to look like a mace. And I never looked at as such until you folks pointed it out... =P

    peace... RHM

  6. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Well, I think that since the contest is taking place in this world, that it would make more sense to make it kinda resemble earth. However, if it's supposed to be a fantasy world, then I still think it needs a little bit of revising, since the one continent really interferes with the pen and sword.
    I don't mean to sound rude, I understand that you did it quick, I'm just giving you my honest critique of the logo and text.

  7. Apropos of nothing, do you happen to know where to find the thread on (I believe) therpgsite wherein the posters designed hexes and someone was continually adding them to the map?

  8. I thought the pen was an unfortunately drawn mace that resembled a penis. It doesn't look like a pen because their tips are metal, not canary yellow.

    Outlines are too thick, makes it look childish.

  9. How about instead of a pen you use a quill or pencil?

  10. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Seconding the pencil. It's a more easily depicted and recognized writing instrument.

    As for the continents, while the world depicted may be intended to be an unspecified fantasy world, in order to provoke recognition in the viewer I think it would be more effective to depict our world. That makes the viewer think "Oh look, it's a/the world" vs. a possible "Oh look it's a blue green thing what is that".

    Then again if the intent is to evoke a fantasy world, it could just as easily be pink and purple swirls of color instead of a blue thing with green things on it.

    In any case it's good enough work for 15 minutes effort. Better than I'd achieve in that time. I think everyone's criticism is meant to be helpful. I think changing the pen to a pencil could help a lot, whereas all the stuff with the planet isn't really a big deal.

  11. Why are half the words green and half of them blue? Is that supposed to spell something or are you trying to match thematically with the globe above?

    Also, if you're willing to put your work out into the public arena you should be willing to accept criticism.

    Conversely, be constructive with your criticism. Unless, of course, the artist starts off by acting like an a--hat.

  12. Also, if you're willing to put your work out into the public arena you should be willing to accept criticism.

    Uh, yeah. Hi, my name's Jeff. I've been putting myself out there for like 5 years now. I can take a little criticism. (If I couldn't, I would have exploded or something when the HackMaster boards read an old post of mine and decided I was the worst DM ever.)

    The reason I asked for people to lay off the graphic was because I didn't draw it and I can't do any better. The text around it was my work. I was seeking criticism for that.

  13. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I assumed this is something that will be given to people who contribute to put in their site or their signature in forums?

    If that's right, it'll usually be shrunk down.

    I think the graphic will look good if it's shrunk down, where a more complicated or realistic picture might not.

    For fantasy-themed text I often use the free 'First Order' font. An example is the heading on this page -

    If you want to use this font and don't have it email me (news at apolitical dot info) and I'll send it to you.

  14. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I've done a version with First Order font, as well as a new background (which I'm not sure works), at