Thursday, June 19, 2008

return of morning video

Avenged Sevenfold, "Afterlife"
I'm not super-familiar with this band, but this song seems a lot more poppy than I remember them. The guitars still rock, though.


  1. In exchange:

  2. I *HIGHLY* second this nomination, Jeff. My whole family (even my 11 year-old daughter) are Gearheads (what Clutch fans are sometimes called).

    I had heard them many years ago with a tune called "A Shogun Named Marcus", but I threw them into the category of "I like them, but I want to buy this more" for many years. "Burning Beard" finally got me to buy a CD and I haven't looked back since, acquiring all that I can.

    Clutch is a band that rocks out, but is highly literate with its lyrical content. From references and allegories ranging from pop-culture, biblical, political, and mythological, you will rarely be bored listening to anything they do.

    My personal fave lyrical bit comes from the song "The Mob Goes Wild" off of the album Blast Tyrant...

    "Condelezza Rice is nice but I prefer A-Roni"

    It just kind of sums up the kind of twisted wordplay that Neil Fallon (Clutch lead singer) is capable of.

    peace... Dave

  3. More lyrics:

    Will you be entertained by beast and knives?
    Vital mentalisms will blow your minds!
    Cthulu’s red headed step child, quite the precocious babe.
    We like to keep it on the D.L. because our clientele prefers it that way

    The seven legged sow will see to the after-show.
    Don’t you think the candelabra gives a pleasant glow?

    Now may I present to you the basilisk?
    Please dawn your goggles if you wish to resist.
    From the fiery depths of the planet’s core
    The never sleeping for wont of eating unholy stench of the manticore.

  4. I picked up Transnational Speedway League after their appearance on Beavis & Butthead, but I compare all the later albums to the self-titled Clutch.

    "Escape from the Prison Planet" is where it really jelled for me.

  5. I didn't know Tom Cruise had a band! :)