Sunday, June 01, 2008

Trivia Time!

Today I've been cleaning and reorganizing the "My Documents" folder on my hard drive. I discovered some old files, including the trivia quiz below. I have no memory of making this, but it's clearly my work. I'll post the answers on Wednesday.
RPG Trivia

1) A character would most likely visit the Spinward Marches in what sci-fi game?

A) Space Opera
B) Star Frontiers
C) Traveller
D) Spacemaster
E) Metamorphisis Alpha

2) Which RPG system first utilized critical hits in melee combat?

A) Dungeons & Dragons
B) Traveller
C) Empire of the Petal Throne
D) Rolemaster
E) Gamma World

3) Which of the following was NOT a commercially released roleplaying game?

A) Bunnies & Burrows
B) Mazes & Monsters
C) Tunnels & Trolls
D) Villains & Vigilantes
E) Powers & Perils

4) In which of the following gaming worlds are you most likely to see a character take 10,000 points of damage from a relatively normal attack?

A) World of Greyhawk
B) World of Darkness
C) World of Synnibarr
D) Worlds of Wonder
E) World of Barador

5) Which game's earliest edition discussed the possibility of playing a young balrog as a PC?

C) Dungeons & Dragons
D) Rolemaster
E) Tunnels & Trolls

6) Which of the following listed terms would be the more powerful rank in TSR's Marvel Super Heroes game?

A) Amazing
B) Excellent
C) Remarkable
D) Incredible
E) Good

7) Which of the following superhero RPGs has no list of superpowers?

A) Golden Heroes
B) Heroes Unlimited
C) Superworld
D) Villains & Vigilantes
E) Superhero 2044

8) Which of the following RPG names is not nor has ever been an abbreviation?


9) Who created the Forgotten Realms campaign setting?

A) Marc Miller
B) Gary Gygax
C) Ed Greenwood
D) Dave Arneson
E) Tom Wham

10) What was the name of the dungeon featured in module B1 In Search of the Unknown?

A) Caves of Chaos
B) Quasqueton
C) The Alchemist's Mansion
D) The Haunted Keep
E) Moria

11) In the earliest published reports the gemstone on the Ring of Gaxx had how many facets?

A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 9
E) 13

12) Fineous Fingers once played chess with what kind of monster?

A) troll
B) unicorn
C) lich
D) dragon
E) beholder

13) What was the first roleplaying game written by Steve Jackson?

A) The Fantasy Trip
C) Macho Women With Guns
E) Excursion into the Bizarre

14) What company once held the licenses to produce both Star Trek and Dr. Who roleplaying games?

A) Task Force Games
B) Steve Jackson Games
E) Flying Buffalo

15) Who singlehandedly wrecked havoc in the Temple of Elemental Evil?

A) Mordenkainen
B) Robilar
C) Tenser
D) Erac's Cousin
E) Serten

16) The Marvel Superheroes module Secret Wars encouraged players to each run a whole team of superheroes, with one exception: one player was assigned a single hero. Which hero was it?

A) Spiderman
B) Doctor Strange
C) The Hulk
D) Thor
E) The Beyonder

17) Which of the following monsters does NOT appear on the cover art of the original Monster Manual?

A) dragon
B) purple worm
C) centaur
D) hydra
E) manticore

18) Which of the following is not a Chaosium RPG?

A) Bushido
B) Call of Cthulhu
C) Ringworld
D) Pendragon
E) Nephilim

19) In Pacesetter's Chill RPG, what was the name of the organization the PCs all worked for?

A) The Silver Twilight
B) Clan Gangrel
C) Orion
D) The Scarlet Brotherhood

20) Which of these companies has released an edition of Chivalry & Sorcery?

E) Chaosium

21) Which of these early sci-fi RPGs was designed with the assumption that each player takes the role of the captain of their own starship?

A) Star Frontiers
B) Traveller
C) Space Opera
D) Starfaring
E) Small Space

22) What roleplaying game started as a Metamorphisis Alpha campaign?

A) Empire of the Petal Throne
B) Skyrealms of Jorune
C) The Morrow Project
D) Aftermath
E) Mechwarrior

23) Which of the following was NOT one of the original published quasi-deities?

A) Muryland
B) Keoghtom
C) Leomund
D) Kelanen
E) Heward

24) Which of the following was NOT produced by Fantasy Games Unlimited?

A) Bunnies & Burrows
B) Villains & Vigilantes
C) Lords of Creation
D) Daredevils
E) Aftermath

25) In 4th edition Call of Cthulhu a Diletantte may select how many "profession" skills?

A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
E) 8

26) Judge's Guild produced support products for which of the following games?

A) Traveller
B) Runequest
C) Dungeons & Dragons
D) Monsters! Monsters!
E) All of the above

27) In Pendragon what determines the number of damage dice rolled for a lance attack?

A) rider's strength
B) rider's lance skill
C) type of lance used
D) type of horse ridden
E) all lance attacks do the same damage

28) Complete the following game title: Mercenaries, Spies & _______.

A) Cops
B) Special Forces
C) Private Eyes
D) Thugs
E) Daredevils

29) What do Castle Falkenstein players use instead of standard dice?

A) coin flips
B) playing cards
C) dice with plus and minus signs instead of numbers
D) paper, rock, scissors
E) nothing, its a "diceless" system

30) What was the name of the predecessor to Rob Kuntz's Deities & Demigods?

A) Legends & Lore
B) Man, Myth & Legend
C) Gods, Demigods & Heroes
D) Giants in the Earth
E) Nomad Gods

31) What was the location of the first dungeon adventure?

A) Castle Greyhawk
B) Caves of Chaos
C) Buffalo Castle
D) The Ruined Moathouse
E) Castle Blackmoor

32) In Toon where do most characters keep their equipment?

A) backpack
B) back pocket
C) Wacko Land
D) inkwell
E) utility belt

33) What was the name of Aaron Allston's tour-de-force Champions supplement detailing his personal house rules and campaign setting?

A) Wild Cards
B) Age of Heroes
C) Concrete Jungle
D) Golden Age of Champions
E) Strike Force

34) "Dr. Kromm" is the moniker of what GURPS guru?

A) Kenneth Hite
B) Stefan O'Sullivan
C) S. John Ross
D) Sean Punch
E) Steve Jackson

35) What are cannon-fodder level warriors called in Ars Magica?

A) thugs
B) grogs
C) scrubs
D) trogs
E) mooks

36) What game resolves most actions by rolling d10 and multiplying it by another d10 roll?

A) Swordbearer
D) Cyborg Commando
E) Conspiracy X

37) What island is the setting for Over The Edge?

A) R'lyeh
B) Al Amarja
C) Atlantis
D) Isle of Dread
E) Inguria

38) The Fiend Folio tome compiled monsters mostly from what source?

A) TSR modules
B) RPGA members
C) TSR staffers' personal campaigns
D) British gamers
E) out-of-print Dragon issues

39) What game designer appears on an official Macho Women With Guns counter sheet?

A) Marc Miller
B) Gary Gygax
C) Steve Jackson
D) Richard Tulcholka
E) Sandy Peterson

40) What is the name of the rules system designed to be compatible with both Champions and R. Talsorian games?

A) HERO System
B) Interlock
C) Tri-tac
D) Fuzion
E) Mekton

41) Which game's setting requires dungeon explorers to be licensed, otherwise they are legally considered grave-robbers?

B) Runequest
C) Fifth Cycle
D) Phantasy Conclave
E) Powers & Perils

42) What is the reward given to high-level Lords of Creation characters?

A) ability to create own universe
B) ability to override the gamemaster's decisions
C) ability to send an "avatar" on adventures, instead of risking self
D) promotion to demigod status
E) immortality

43) What urban area is the Veiled Society known to haunt?

A) Greyhawk
B) The City-State of the Invincible Overlord
C) Lankhmar
D) Specularum
E) Sigil

44) Mayfair released which of the following RPGs?

A) Twilight 2000
B) DC Heroes
C) Runequest
D) Lords of Creation
E) All of the above

45) What game are you most likely to encounter a foe carrying a Panther Assault Cannon?

A) GURPS Cyberpunk
B) Cyberpunk 2020
C) Cyber HERO
D) Cyberspace
E) Shadowrun

46) Which of these personages is not a wizard?

A) Mordenkainen
B) Bigby
C) Serten
D) Otto
E) Erac's Cousin

47) Which of these games assumes the players are freedom-loving rebels fighting a dastardly empire?

A) Spacemaster
B) Traveller
C) Star Frontiers
D) Star Ace
E) Prime Directive

48) TWERPS characters are represented by a single attribute. What is it called?

A) Prowess
B) Level
C) Strength
D) Chutzpah
E) Aptitude

49) Which of these swashbuckling games include rules for playing a centaur?

A) Flashing Blades
B) En Garde!
C) Skull & Crossbones
D) Pirates!
E) Lace & Steel

50) Which of the following is not a human subspecies?

A) Zhodani
B) Vilani
C) Solomani
D) Vargr
E) Darrian


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Wow, a lot of ultra-hard stuff! The last one could be considered a highly debatable trick-question!

  2. Dude, this quiz is awesome. I couldn't solve a lot, but it was like a rich nostalgic trip for those I could. Very good quiz, not caught up in "no one knows but me minutia", but rather something a lot of people can play along with.


  3. This cries out for radio buttons :)

  4. Amount of these questions you could get just by reading the ads and reviews in 80s-early 90s issues of Dragon: 70%.

    Amount of trivia you might absorb about the roleplaying field in general by reading the only Paizo issue of Dragon I picked up: 0.

    Is Erac's cousin more famous than Erac, and if so, why isn't Erac known as his cousin?

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    So you're the guy who'se been hanging around my bookcase. GET OFF MY BOOKCASE! Darned kids........

    Seriously, that's a terrific quiz, and I'm happy to report all of the questions tickled a memory itch with me. Just looking over them is a trip down.... uhhh... my bookshelves. Just the initials FASA and FGU make me all teary eyed.

    Nice work!

  6. Aww, you even remembered TWERPS! We've got a whole stack of lil' ziploc-bagged TWERPS book(let)s, complete with d20s.

  7. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Amazing quiz, Jeff!

    You can bet that I'l be tuning in on Wednesday for the answers, just to see just what level of geekdom I have risen to over the years.

    This quiz definitely needs to be on game boards everywhere.


  8. Just when I'm thinking of selling a lot of my old game stuff on ebay, your quiz demonstrates the value of keeping it, as I was able to get most of the answers.


  9. 46. Shouldn't #49 be a Satyr, not a Centaur?

  10. Actually, I think that game contains both.